Citation Machine, MLA Citation Generators

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

The bibliography of research work was the dark side for many students in K-12. Several free tools available online to make writing easier literature. K-12 students in general, use the MLA style, if the tools that I review will focus on the generation of MLA citations.

The first is the son of citation machine, aptly named follow-up to popular machine Citation. It is intended for high school students and college, but I used it with 5: th graders as well. Beyond MLA Citation Machine generates quotes Sun APA, Turabian and Chicago styles. This creates two references and the text that students can copy and paste into their research papers.

This MLA quote generator is very flexible. It deals with all types of media, and non-print as TV, radio, film and web-based resources of all kinds. Loans MLA makers I've used, is one of the few with the search for ISBN autofills information requests.

Another interesting feature is its link to the toolbar. Add a link to your browser, to make it easier for students to browse the web for resources. When they come to a page that they use in their research paper, they click on the link and it will automatically complete bibliography information on the site - saving considerable time.