RIP Kurt Cobain

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

"RIP Kurt Cobain" Twitterers post commemorate the death of Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain, April 5.

"Today I celebrate your life through your music! Nirvana bee bumpin all Daye!" and "One of the largest and one of the greatest song writers ever. strong and fragile, smart and stupid. # Nirvana RIP Kurt Cobain" bloggers tweet using micro fourth place the words "RIP Kurt Cobain" and the tenth place the phrase "Nirvana. "

Hash tags "# whycantyoujust", "# sincewebeinghonest" and "# ilovewhen" fills the first three places on Twitter the most talked about topics.

The name of an actor and rapper "Khleo Thomas is in fifth place, the American television series" Hell Date "is the sixth," The Maps is "the name of the album just released, American rapper Wiz Khalifa, is in seventh place and the name of American rapper "Trina" is the eighth.

"IPL" refers to the India Premier League - Twenty20 cricket competition held in India - is in ninth place.