Planned Parenthood

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Planned Parenthood: It took 12 long sleeves for the Giants beat the St. Louis Cardinals at AT & T Park. And yes, after almost a week of wrangling, Democrats and Republicans in Congress finally agreed on a spending plan to offer a crash of the imminent closure of the federal government.

Monica Silva, Dublin, was moved to the Giants, but narrowly avoided closure he felt as a matter of life or death.

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"I've been dealing with precancerous cells, and family planning has prevented the cancer to go on its own," with screenings and medicines, "said Silva, 31" They saved my life. "

Like many other federal funding programs, Planned Parenthood had to lose funding at a standstill - in this case, the Medicaid reimbursement of thousands of low-income customers in the Bay Area, as Silva, a hair salon.

Now that did not happen.

"I'm really happy," Silva said. "It's just fantastic that they have found a way to maintain these programs."

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U.S. authorities on trail

The U.S. State Department had already canceled Passport Day today in the United States, an annual event where passport agencies help clients, even without an agreement.

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"Yay, I can go to work!" Lori said Brosnan, a veteran of 23 years with the National Park Service and one of nine guards who conduct tours of Alcatraz.

"I have fun, fun job," said Brosnan, who clearly was not ready for the shutdown process, despite a wealth of experience, having survived a block of five days in November 1995, and the longer of 16 December 1995 January 6, 1996.

A key bone of contention in the current budget dispute is whether the clinics that perform abortions - Planned Parenthood in particular - should continue to receive federal compensation for all their health care. No federal funding has paid for abortions since 1976, when the Hyde Amendment prohibited the expenditure.

Still, the Republican-led House voted 240-185 in February to withdraw funds from family planning. In the Democratic majority in the Senate, 41 of the 100 MPs have pledged to oppose a budget that does not fund Planned Parenthood.

"No wonder you want to get rid of this," said Silva, a customer since the age of 18 years at Planned Parenthood Shasta Pacific, with clinics serving most Bay Area counties. I've never had to deal with abortion, and to educate the way around. "

Republicans have slashed demand for federal funding of Planned Parenthood, according to the help of both parties.

Vital Care

Abortions account for about 3 percent of the services Planned Parenthood Shasta Pacific spokeswoman Adriana Bousian, noting that about 100,000 men and women to exercise their cancer screening, HIV testing, pap smears, birth control and other medical services.

Closure would delay Medicaid payments, while the permanent loss of federal funds would affect about 85,000 customers in the Bay Area, Bousian said.

Clinic clients are not just for the residents of the Bay Area made nervous about the prospect of an arrest.

"We wanted to make sure that we secretly before the crash occurred," says Raj Raman San Jose, who visited the passport office at 95 Hawthorne St. San Francisco, and received the document of a daughter, Neha, 6

The family travels to India this month to help his mother, recently widowed. He and his wife, Aarthi, planned to obtain a passport Neha next week.

"The teacher at the school our daughter said," You better leave now, "said Raman. "I feel very lucky. It was very unfortunate. "