Jamie Oliver Food Revolution

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Jamie Oliver Food Revolution: Jamie Oliver was trying to start a new period of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution in Los Angeles on Tuesday night, but had encountered some stiff resistance. Unintended message has been one of West Coast America: Do not take from us our cheeseburgers, you're pushy Brit!

Expelled from the LA school system time (if he thought that the bureaucracy in Huntington, West Virginia., "Was difficult, he had not counted on a school board in Los Angeles), Oliver down the street.

He went to a burger joint LA to try to win a convert, a city where the practice of good ideas nutrition. As one who admires and dining in Los Angeles with many fine food establishments independent whenever I visit, I was ambivalent when he tried the patience of the owner of a fast food Patra large LA (I do not ate there). Oliver tried to convince the guy to redo his menu with healthy things that would cost small businesses more money, the costs would be transferred to its customers. Can you blame the man for not wanting to be used as porpoises from Jamie Oliver, and losing customers, while Oliver out that smoothies milkshakes?

Oliver is a great big gesture. Culminated in the first hour was to get an empty school bus (this trust icon, "said Oliver,) full of the amount of sugar consumed by white students in the school system in Los Angeles a week Sugar. - 57 tons of it - bus too long has made a big impact ... on 20 people who showed up ..

But gestures exhibitionism arguments are not consistent with either school authorities or, finally, with the audience, I guess.