Glenn Beck Leaving Fox

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Glenn Beck Leaving Fox: The news that Glenn Beck Fox left for other projects to FOX, I suppose, is one of those things that just do not comment on in both directions, as someone who does not incite political violence in a sports site. But I can say this: under Beck is in the public eye, the less I hear about Albert Pujols and Tony La Russa relay Beck "restore honor" rally last year. This is not unalloyed good news.

As Luke Scott birther recent comments tasting and beyond, Carlos Delgado, the anti-war, and later the confusion of the media, what bothered me more than Beck and La Russa had no contact with the baseball players are opinions, the fact that baseball fans do not. sports bodies, such as this is in reality the vision of the social world, and the arguments and heated debates, but the best, there is always the underlying self-evident, for example, that people Game Time Blues hockey fans and the people Viva El Birdos, no matter what they are doing in life, fans of the Cardinals baseball.

When politics is in need of another innocuous question-that the social contract is broken. We're not just sports fans more, but we're Democrats and Republicans and the religious and atheist and one thing against another division, and it is not something Smalltalk sports infrastructure is designed to treat as someone who has a large family can attest.

Good luck, Glenn Beck, but whatever you do with the rest of your life, you should keep baseball out of it. venues are like tables, arguing is good, but training may be permanently so when it is not food.