Donald Trump For President

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Donald Trump For President: Donald Trump, real estate billionaire and reality TV star is still mulling presidential run in 2012. Trump from the list of possible candidates, like Obama, David Axelrod, strategist regarded as "unfathomable," at a Republican conference earlier this year.

During this appearance, he threw himself a strong sense of nationhood economic needs than the United States continues to face economic recession and high unemployment, although the government stimulus measures. You can exclude a speech Mr. Trump said: "I'm sorry, Ron Paul can not be president."

He was an intelligent hub from a leading Republican in nature. Paul outside urban coastal libertarianism, a broad band of voters think Trump could take in a duel with Barack Obama presidential. Obama damaged his reputation with progressives by not good on some promises, such as closing Guantanamo Bay and then to the army in support Libya freedom, the fight against the insurgents to turn their dictator Gaddafi crazy.

Battle of the American presidency, can not be fought in the coastal cities, fought in Iowa, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and rural areas. Trump, billionaire around the world has recognized that he could not appeal to voters in these states. He concentrated on the rough mix hot-button issue: the validity of the birth certificate of Obama. Trump has been blamed Fox News, Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly that the corresponding decision, but has attracted the interest of Republican voters, though.

In key battleground state, New Hampshire, Mitt Romney trails Trump, who was running for the last three years, only six points. This stunned the experts and analysts who were confused, if not terrified of a more urban mocked Trump Birther movement.

Trump announced some goals of his presidency, or to seize Iraqi oil fields, atypical target public presidential contender.

Given its commercial interests and the elegance of a presidency Trump be cloudy. A disaster unregulated? Or control iron fist CEO America, Inc. for a prosperous future. It is too early to say but we can see above, her face looks good on a dollar bill. He won. Literally.