David Cook The Winner Of American Idol

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

David Cook, the winner of American Idol Season 7 American Idol Thursday night he returned to sing a song on his new album, thanks to this morning. Performing "Last Goodbye", Idol winner, has once again shown what happens when the last competitor is crowned the winner.

On stage with the band, who had four guitarists, Cook also played guitar and shared some responsibility for the strong presence of guitars in the figures. We like what is the big kick off of the album, he hoped to bring the portfolios of his supporters and those who support the show.

David Cook does not come over tonight because her mother has to support and meet someone she loved, Steven Tyler. After a brief hug and the chance to meet the legend, the focus of the night returned to candidates waiting to learn his fate in the program and the performance of the new song by Katy Perry

The final song of the evening was Stephen Langone who received fewer votes in the evening and was finally removed from American Idol.

Check out the video of David Cook from American Idol Thursday.