Chicago Blackhawks Lost

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Chicago Blackhawks Lost: With the Chicago Blackhawks lost 4-3 against the Red Wings this afternoon, we now know what teams are the seeds of the Western Conference to go with the stakes in Saturday's Est.

Apparently, the start of the most intriguing series of the Boston and Montreal. Zdeno Chara and

The Bruins did not play in Montreal after the event Paciorety Max is 8 March, so their first visit in Game 3 will surely be filled with a lot of hype.

Seeded Capitals is a rematch of their 2009 first-round series of the New York Rangers, who beat Washington in seven games.

Of their last nine playoff dates back to the 1994-95 season, the Buffalo Sabres played the Philadelphia Flyers on six occasions. Their last meeting, during the 2005-06 cycle, first when Brian Campbell

His success on RJ Umberger in the first game

Pittsburgh and Tampa meet for the first time in the playoffs in their respective histories. Teams share their season series. state of Sidney Crosby for the first round is still sitting in "unlikely."

Chicago's loss now has them rooting for the Minnesota Wild tonight when they take on the Dallas Stars at 6 p.m. ET (live on NHL Network). If the Stars lose or win in a shootout, the Blackhawks will take the eighth seed and will face the Canucks for the third year in a row. Should Dallas wins in regulation or overtime, they're in.

That's the only remaining loose end needing to be tied up in the West.

We'll have a NorCal/SoCal series between the Sharks and Kings. The two teams have never played each other in the playoffs.

Phoenix will try and get revenge for their first round ouster a year ago as they again face the Red Wings. Will the Coyotes fans once again "throw the snake"?

The red-hot Ducks will try to ride their momentum of late as they take on the red-hot Nashville Predators. The Preds took the season series 3-1, but this has been a much different Ducks team in the second half.