Charice To Guest Role On "Glee"

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

When Charice to guest role on "Glee" was announced last summer, he expected to see much of it - but not sun Heart McKinley High for a long time after Rachel (Lea Michele) s has sent home crack.

Yeah ... this show is a bit weird.

Charice returned in the episode tonight when the Glee Club has organized a "Night of negligence" benefit to genius, a school club neglected. After all, Sun knows how it feels to fly solo.

"I am a better singer than anyone else, so I know how it feels," says Rachel blood boils. "I am just beginning. I am also very short, so even if I have a group of people, it seems that I'm wandering alone through the forest."

Sol sang the song of Celine Dion "All By Myself" to prove their worth - and offered his 600 followers on Twitter, it was a good reference and expressionless laugh Charice Twitter obsessive fan.

Let's see more of her this season, and if he returns next season, got my fingers crossed for one thing: "I would like a duet with Mercedes," said Charice. "I think she's an amazing singer." And I say it's the greatest thing I've heard. "