Carole King American Idol Top 6

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Theme of "American Idol" Top 6 competitors announced Thursday evening (April 21) at the end of the results show - and Carole King, which should be interesting. King is a Grammy-winning singer, songwriter and we're big fans of his music. "Tapestry" is really a watershed effort - the 1971 album was named No. 36 on the list of Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.

But we're not sure how the idols are going to handle his music. Katelyn Epperly covered "I Feel the Earth moves in season 9, but I have pots of judges and was sent packing. Brooke White has taken the "You've Got a Friend" in the 7 th season and did very well, but, Carole King is in the wheelhouse Brooke White. King's songs are great and in a low voice the kind of niche - Idols this year are going to have to actually do it themselves or it will be a long night.

If you're wondering where you heard of Carole King, who is a non-music related, had a recurring guest on "Gilmore Girls", as Sophie Bloom, owner of a music store and also sang the title track of Opening of the exhibition.