Blackberry Playbook Launch

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Do not really think of a tablet has received as much hype as the BlackBerry playbook launch without someone coming along and rip the thing apart and post pictures online, he has done? Of course not. This time, iFixit Chipworks people and fight for the rights of shouting "First!"

Chipworks is a reverse engineers to research products for patent violation. Meanwhile iFixit repair is a computer online community. They may come from different places, but both have reason to destroy the computers on a regular basis.

Chip Works reports that the tablet uses cameras STMicroelectronics, a controller from Cypress Semiconductor touchscreen, and Elpida DRAM. The tablet also has a Texas Instruments processor, but we already knew.

IFixit disassembly guide also provides a good overview of the components, but the development is largely to show what it takes to remove the same tablet and play by play sarcasm.

Interestingly, most of which are attached to the back of the screen, instead of the back of the case, in which case you can not replace the battery without removing the motherboard.