Atlas Shrugged The Free Market Capitalism

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Atlas Shrugged The Free Market Capitalism: After more than 50 years, revolutionary new cult of Ayn Rand and the free-market capitalism "Atlas Shrugged" has finally hit the big screen this weekend, and the first trilogy of films planned. Independently produced and distributed by entrepreneur John Aglialoro President of UM Holdings, Inc., film "Atlas Shrugged, Part 1" has been budgeted for $ 10,000,000, and the cast of a little-known actors (newcomer Taylor Schilling stars in a powerful industrial female, Dagny Taggart).

In an era Algialoro book optioned the rights 18 years ago had struck a partnership with Lions Gate Films to produce a version of the film, perhaps a television miniseries on holding Epix new cable. But when the project dragged on without getting the green light Algialoro turned to entertainment lawyer and executive producer Harmon Kaslow to get the movie made quickly before returning back the rights to ownership of the book Ayn Rand. Shot in only 26 days and closed several months later, the creation of the entire film, from the green light to release this week, took about a year, according to Kaslow.

Getting to conservative organizations like the Cato Institute, FreedomWorks and groups of Tea Party, the filmmakers actively courting a target audience that they believe that Hollywood would not be so easily adopted.

"We are fortunate to book the importance of what today has grown steadily," says Kaslow, referring to some conservatives believe the administration has stressed the government to solve economic problems. "So who made the film more and more embraced by the various political factions that determine the philosophy of Ayn Rand. And do not deny their full of it."

"It's a big difference between the release of our film in Hollywood," continues Kaslow. "What would a real studio? They created the trailer at the Conservative Political Action Conference? Would you have allowed the Cato Institute and reason and FreedomWorks and Tea Party to send group e-mail directly to their members? We work closely with them? Or afraid because they think they would alienate other audiences? "

Although the interest before the film can be high among conservative base of the film was terrible reviews. For example, Rotten Tomatoes lists more than 5,000 user reviews with a total of 86% say "similar", while the average of criticism is a disastrous 7%. (Only two films, "Big Mommas: Like father, like son." And "Roommate" below)

"We expected that critics fear that includes this film," says Kaslow. "We knew it was very likely that I do not think the film that we received the message, but it looks compared to what Hollywood would do. I do not think our audience is convinced that none of these judgments."

"It 's a bit like a family film based on the market," he continues. "Most family-based films are not reviewed because they know that the public is the message. And if the message is correct, they give you space to move, if the production values ​​were not as high. And if we criticize the dialogue , most of which is taken as soon as the book. So, in the sense that the critical nature of the literary work. "

According to Kaslow, is the second and third parts of the film in the active phase and the second part is scheduled to begin production in June for release April 15, 2012, and the third to follow the same scenario next year. "The decision to green light later, John," Kaslow said. "If we learn that there is no commercial interest in the film, I doubt there will be a second or third. But at this stage, we are the third most movie tickets on Fandango, so I have no reason to believe that we will not succeed. "

As curators in a film industry, which he tilts liberal, Kaslow said their peers can see a little twisted. "Until recently, they have not given any credibility, but I do not think they perceived as a threat," he said. "But in my box, I now apply for important people and recognizable to see this movie. I think we are now on their radar screens. And at the end of the day, they are capitalists, and they want to do the same money as they can, and if they see us as a way to do so will be our friend."