Wyclef Jean Was Killed Last Night

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Wyclef Jean was killed last night in his home country of Haiti on the eve of the presidential elections, sought the office last year.

According to the Daily Mail Jean suffered a gunshot wound to the hand after about 23 hours in the town of Delmas outside the capital Port-au-Prince, and was sent to hospital. Was released.

A spokesman confirmed the rapper Wyclef was about to travel.

"We talk to Wyclef, that's fine," said a representative. "Thanks for your thoughts and prayers."

An unknown gunman is still at large according to authorities.

John was in Haiti to support presidential candidate Michel Martelly after his defeat of the support office in late 2010. Jean has been omitted from the list of viable candidates for president of Haiti that the Council has published August 20, 2010 because it did not meet residency requirements. At that time, the former Fugees star has promised to launch a strong appeal in its effort to support the highest office in his home country, which has struggled to recover from the devastating earthquake of January.

The attack came hours before Haitians will have to go to the polls today to elect their president. Millions of Haitians remain homeless in the streets just a year after his country was shaken by an earthquake.

2011 elections in Haiti has left many Haitians in disarry state after the return of former President Jean-Bertrand Arisitide, returned from exile after seven years. Arisitide recently spoke about his return to the country.

"I think the Haitian people are very happy," Aristide told Democracy Now! ". I'm glad we're on our way to Haiti. Glad to hear that, ultimately, his dream will be fulfilled by things in the land, as they fought for democracy. They have always wanted to go and is now happening. "

Martelly was created to address a law professor and former first lady Mirlande Manigat.