Three Mile Island Radiation Warning

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Three Mile Island Radiation Warning

The radiation levels outside a nuclear power plant in Japan are at eight times the normal level, but not an immediate threat to residents, a nuclear safety agency, told a Japanese news network.

After the earthquake of 8.9 and the tsunami that devastated parts of Japan on Friday some nuclear automatically close after a sharp blow, but nuclear reactors continue to produce heat and electrically cooled.

The Council extended the evacuation of residents and 6.2 kilometers from the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant northeast of Japan. Order was originally only for residents of about two kilometers.

Kyodo News, a Japanese news network, reported that radiation levels around 1,000 times the normal level, it is possible that the radioactive steam could spread to other areas of the plant.

Prime Minister Naoto Kan has visited the site early Saturday. "I take the situation," Kan told Japanese reporters.

Tokyo Electric Power Company has issued a statement saying: "We decided to take measures to reduce the pressure in the reactor containment ... to ensure full security."

Reduce the pressure inside the reactor, it is meant that the Fukushima nuclear plant would release radioactive steam into the air.

Among the concerns that the merger can take place in Fukushima plant spokesman in Washington, DC-based Nuclear Energy Institute says: 'It is too early to know "what's wrong with people close to the nuclear face.

There is the possibility of a controlled release of radiation, and should not be an automatic concern for people, "said Steve Kerekes, spokesman for the NEI.

Kerekes said a nuclear emergency should be kept in context and not sensational, because it makes no sense to scare people whose country has been devastated.

He cited a partial meltdown happened 30 years ago in Pennsylvania at Three Mile nuclear power plant on the island Partial melting has issued a maximum of 70 millirems of radiation-5, 000 millirems is the maximum amount that employees at nuclear power plants can be exposed.

Several studies after the accident at Three Mile Island found no adverse health effects in people who have been exposed to a radiation leak, Kerekes said.

He added that people are regular sources of radiation throughout the day whenever the sun of consumer goods.

Kerekes said the radiation leak is not necessarily alarming, but it is unusually high radiation levels that should cause alarm.