St. Patrick's Day: Corned Beef and Cabbage

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

St. Patrick's Day: Corned Beef and Cabbage

The following are restaurants that have announced specific plans on St. Patrick's Day Parade and Today:

Sona Thirteen, 13 South St., the parade route. Open from 9 am today, 2:00 Sunday, this Irish-American restaurant / bar has hot dogs, salads, sandwiches (including corned beef) and a bag of chips. St. Patrick's Day, Sona also be opened more to celebrate from 11:30 am until 2 on Friday.

Dublin Pub, 4 Pine Street, (just off South Street). Thirty-eight years in Morristown, Dublin Pub is a traditional holiday feast of St. Patrick. Today (parade day) at 09 am-2 pm Sunday, the menu features a solo bid or corned beef and cabbage, fish and chips (fish may be the salmon, grouper or scrod), delicious stew, steaks, chops, sandwiches and burgers.

Sunday afternoon, and Peter McKiernan and his band in New York City is in the game. The evening is Tim Harte and his band (including New York).

For St. Patrick's, Dublin Pub is open 10:30 to 2:00 on Friday. Many people arrive early for breakfast Irish pub. With pipers street, listening to Marty McKiernan play a bit more lively Irish melodies bluegrass, country, blues and rock.

Grasshopper Off The Green, 41-43 Morris St. This friendly Irish pub and restaurant is a traditional Irish decor and entertainment. Today, Cray & Dempsey Experience will be a full day. St. Patrick's Day, Paddy & the Pale Boys strum and sing up to 22

Dinner at Grasshopper? corned beef and cabbage, red bliss potatoes, baked or blackened salmon with butter sauce and lemon thyme, Guinness beef stew, Irish sausages with mashed potatoes, sauteed onions and gravy and their special "olde "Irish style fish and chips. On the east side Irish Soda Bread their costs.

Arthur's Tavern, 700 Speedwell Ave. Morris Plains. The park owners offer people around the spacious lot behind the restaurant, cross the street and take the train in Morristown. On weekends and on St. Patrick's Day, will be the construction of Arthur's Tavern clad Irish colors with thousands of balloons. At St. Patrick, the traditional red checkered tablecloths replaced by Kelly festive green sheets.

Along with the regular menu for the weekend and St. Patrick's Day, is a "classic" St. Patrick's day favorites: canned meat dishes served with boiled cabbage, carrots, potatoes and grated horseradish, Irish lamb stew (chopped roasted lamb and braised in Guinness Stout, leeks, potatoes and carrots and served in a bowl of bread), freshly baked soda bread sweet cream butter, homemade pea soup and a host of new specialty.

Special holiday entertainment: On Sunday, 4 to 6 hours, the Tullamore Dew Girls (representing the "dew" or whiskey Tullamore Ireland) visits with guests with gifts and special drink promotions. In St. Patrick's Day (get there early because the restaurant is in the room after 15 hours) Kevin McCardle dance band and traditional Irish tunes of rock n roll '. Between games, visit the bagpipes and Irish dancers expect. Sip some Guinness Stout or Irish coffee Arthur. There will sell T-shirts that say "I survived St. Patrick's Tavern Arthur."