Son Has a Bit About Pi Day

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Any excuse for a family fun activities each day, or the value is about personal attention. Some years ago, my oldest son has a bit about Pi day. It is celebrated every March 14 (I think 3.14) to identify and teach mathematics Pi term. As you may recall, Pi defines the ratio between the diameter and circumference of a circle. You can calculate the circumference of a circle by multiplying the diameter of PI (which is approximately 3.1415926535. If you know the diameter of the circle, you can also calculate the area of ​​squaring the circle radius and multiplying by Pi. One of the More fun stuff is that it has an infinite number of digits after the 3.14 and is not effective.

In any case, Pi is a difficult thing, and in March 1914 a great way to celebrate this important concept of mathematics and geometry. What can you do to celebrate Pi Day?

You can create your own games on how to use Pi, or you can put some problems with the cards and ask the children to solve them, using Pi. You can try this online quiz Pi Day

You can run, jog, walk or bike miles of family Pi

You can cook and eat a Pi (e), or you can make cookies and decorate them with the Pi symbol

You can find your phone number in the numbers of Pi - will be there somewhere.

See who can memorize the most digits of Pi is more than a million in this site.

In any case, Pi Day is an opportunity to learn and fun to have fun with your family! Enjoy!