"Sister Wives" Is Back

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

TLC reality show of a family that plural marriage practices, "Sister Wives" is back for its second season Sunday (March 13). The aim of the first season is what happened to the family since new audience with his polygamy.

The second season kicks off with adults "coming out" in various media and platforms, so Season 2 has picked up quite early, after the show began airing, it would take. Because before this, nobody knew anything about the Brown family.

But I do not regret coming because they are happy to see his family safe in the world. Any discussion about multiple wives like in the pictures and the capabilities of the photograph was sweet and funny, very indicative of a normal marriage problem.

Meanwhile, not only adults on the show coming out in places like the "Today Show" and whatnot, but many young children go to school for the first time. Meri has a good point that children today are taught tolerance and tolerant, which we believe is true. Of course, there are incidents that you read about the terrible bullying, but basically, we believe that each generation becomes more tolerant.

Some guys who are "experts, reading their blogs show / life / family, and hey - you've found the blog We have been very encouraging!?

The negative / fear fallout of going public are the police investigation of the family and the paparazzi who begins to harass the family. Ouch. They should sit with children to speak and be safe and be smart and how it just because someone knows their name does not mean they are friendly.

Women cry during an interview in the way you choose it again if there is life and is tired of being afraid.

It's very interesting to see the details of everyday life through the eyes of children and women, such as filling the emergency contact forms for children and women announces sister as "other mothers." Christine is so liberating to do so, is hilarious.

After the first day of mini-school (which seems fine), the family goes ice block, which is essentially sled on the ice. It is so incredibly picturesque. It's like Little House on the Prairie Mormon.

We discover that Robyn continues to live separately from the other wives and their children. We should imagine that they will find a way to combine the houses at the end, right? We hope that this is the story of the second season, the Browns would like to see all live together in a house.

But it turns out, the previews of the season, the family decided to move. We already know that they move to Nevada, one wonders what kind of living situation they settle there.