Rumored Boyfriend Derek Hough

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Cheryl Cole not supposed to be X Factor judge, United States, according to his stepfather's rumored boyfriend Derek Hough.

Despite Simon Cowell did not specify the line-judging from the U.S. talent show, Hough's father, Aaron Nelson, has revealed that Chezz not make the cut.

Speaking to The Sun, Nelson said, ".. She got the job X Factor Our thoughts are with his Showbiz remains competitive, everyone wants to do is so hard for it .."

In addition to losing the beauty that Girls Aloud will not be a judge on the U.S. series, Aaron also said Chezz not return to her ex-husband, Ashley Cole and yet she is in a relationship with dancer Derek.

Nelson explained: "We trust verdict Derek and Cheryl and they decide to stay together for a long time so good, but we can not say how long it will last."

He added: "I do not think you can make your loved ones - is a voluntary thing right now, he's Derek .."

support claims that Cheryl Nelson is not a U.S. judge on the X Factor is "The Voice" of the UK XF, Peter Dickson, who admitted that the promise that hitmaker has lost a £ 10,000,000, two-year contract on a panel at the U.S. program.

The human voice, says the Daily Star: "They decided they did not have Cheryl on the panel, I have not heard of Simon's voice give me .."