Owner of Dermalogica

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

I never understood what the big deal International Women's Day (IWD) was the first project I worked around the customer in September. Who knew that eight women took worldwde March to celebrate the economic and social achievements of women. As a U.S. citizen living in Brooklyn, New York and works in New York, are quick to forget that not everyone is blessed with accommodation, freedom and luxury that are gullible and I have on me.

DIM this, I had the opportunity to celebrate with Jane Wurwand, founder and owner of Dermalogica and The International Dermal Institute. Raised by a widowed mother, she and her three sisters learned the importance of using their education to the extent and support to establish a secure future.

Fortunately Jane successful enough to build a stable business foundation that allows him to actively support organizations that help women and girls. During his passion a little further, based Jane economic independence through entrepreneurship (FITE) for women around the world, a platform run by Kiva.org global empowerment, the leader in microfinance nonprofit.

Did you know that women are traditionally more likely to be denied a loan by a bank and often face high levels of economic discrimination? Raised by parents who taught me to always succeed, my mother gave me permission to take control of my finances and helped me set up a savings account at the venerable age of 7 years. It took a while to understand, but not everyone has a mother to encourage her daughter to be independent.

In fact, 70% of people living below the poverty line are women and 66% of the world is women's work and we still see the glass ceiling. Figuratively, to break the dome, which empower women worldwide to become financially independent.

Make a difference, buy long-sleeved FITE Dermalogica product and redeem the code. For you, Dermalogica donates $ 1 Microloan and entrepreneurs in the country selection. After a couple of weeks you'l get information entrepreneurs can benefit from the measure.