Nook Color Will Be Improved

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Spent some time looking for quality Home Shopping Network this morning to hear how they Nook color will be improved? That's what we thought ... but we have the ball and just listen to ourselves to get the details for you. In short, hsn said Barnes and Noble will begin to deploy software over the air in "mid-April, which will update Nook color for Android 2.2, Adobe brings Flash Player, angry birds, and push e-mail of some kind. It also seems to include "many applications Nook," although the chain had pitchmen for one show on television - a sketch pad child-friendly, with a range of drawing utensils and paper color. Hsn host also argue that customers who buy Nook color show is "guaranteed to the people first so far," although we're not sure we'll take them at their word, given some of the other great exaggerations we have heard on the air.