Netflix Watch as Hollywood

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Showtime Networks, with Netflix Watch as Hollywood.

A week after Netflix, said he was jumping into the business of original programming, another potential competitor - the premium cable channel Showtime - changed the rules of the game to address the rapidly growing film and show service TV rental.

Showtime announced Tuesday that its recently negotiated deal with Netflix, which comes into force this summer, no longer includes the online streaming rights to its being broadcast as the first series "Dexter" and "Californication."

When the new contract kicks in, that show lost episodes Netflix and Showtime offered exclusively online.

"Several Showtime original series continues and the power is also available from Netflix" The Tudors "and" Sleeper Cell ", among other things," Showtime said in a statement, referring to programs that have gone off the air.

This is a significant departure from current arrangement with Showtime Netflix, which expires this summer. Under this pact, the cable channel that is provided in several seasons of "Dexter" and "Californication" on Netflix, in an effort to introduce its signature shows a wider audience.

When the television networks and studios reached an agreement with Netflix a few years ago, the Los Gatos company was seen as a movie rental service friendly as the corner Blockbuster. But now that Netflix has more than 20 million customers and its web site in streaming is more accessible, the television industry is increasingly looking like a Netflix rival deep pocket that could come to supplant the cash cow for the TV cable.

Showtime chief competitor of Time Warner Inc. 's HBO, has been particularly cooperative, slow its new all television programs and movies. Smaller channels and Starz on Epix now offers movies and original programs such as "Spartacus."

Showtime has decided to take action against the rights of its first programs to run in an attempt to use them as bait to sign and retain subscribers. (Showtime does not control the rights to its popular series "Weeds", which is owned by Lionsgate.)

CBS Corp.-owned Showtime continues to Netflix role - as the digital market syndication for an older product. Last month, CBS has also announced 200 million U.S. dollars deal with Netflix to share a common example, the CBS-owned shows as "Frasier," "Cheers," "Twin Peaks" and "The Twilight Zone".

If people want to see recent Showtime programs online, they must pay for the channel. "The current and past seasons of our original series will be available to our subscribers through our authenticated Showtime television service everywhere at any time," the company said in a statement.

Asked about the move, a Netflix spokesman said: "We have a great relationship with CBS licensed content from all of its channels, including Showtime, and we continue to negotiate on several films and shows."