Marie Osmond

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Marie Osmond is one of many Hollywood stars who are in mourning for the adoption of the legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor weeks ago. Elizabeth's life ended at 79, but his legacy will live forever.

Marie Osmond has spoken for the first time he met Elizabeth Taylor after she and her brother Donny Osmond made his 500th at the Flamingo in Las Vegas the other night. She met Elizabeth Taylor in the White House under President Ronald Reagan.

The meeting, Marie said. "They are the eyes ... They were so beautiful, just like everyone says"

Osmond also went on to praise the humanitarian efforts and Elizabeth Taylor said: "She showed such courage in the fight against AIDS, it was one of the first celebrities to take this cause, and I respect her a lot for her. ".

Marie Osmond Elizabeth Taylor admired so much, that even used the black eyes to her doll collection.