The Manchurian Candidate

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

1962 film The Manchurian Candidate is a certified classic. The political thriller was good enough to deserve the best tribute that could be obtained. Remake. In 2004, Denzel Washington, took over the role originally had a Frank Sintra.

There was, of course, some updates in the new version, some new tweets, and many colors. But the original black and white, still remains the owner. So what is the best and what was said in comparing the two films? Most film fans who were familiar with the original political thriller tend to align with the 1962 version. However, under the direction of Jonathan Demme, with a cast that included Denzel alongside the likes of Meryl Streep and Liev Schreilber, they do a fabulous job. This is a solid piece of cinema that is so cool, bright original version of the dark and sinister.