Heart Attack Grill in Chandler

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

River, who was 6-foot-8 and weighed about 575 pounds, gained a reputation last year, the spokesman for Heart Attack Grill in Chandler, Arizona, a restaurant specializing in burgers and fries thick. He died Tuesday at age 29.

The cause of death is still unknown, but friends speculate it was the result of pneumonia after a bout with the flu.

Heart Attack Grill is a restaurant without unhealthy shame - the extensive menu includes burgers, shakes and fries cooked in lard - and to have a man as great as the voice is part of his tongue in cheek "glorification of obesity. " But those who knew the river was larger than life in the cartoon, which shows in the promotion of the restaurant.

Restaurant founder Jon Basso said he was told of the river, first as a customer, then as spokesman for the barbecue.

"The cynics may think that (the death of River) is a pleasure," said Basso. "But people who knew him, crying their eyes. There is much pain here. You could not find a better person."

River was a state wrestling champion heavyweight in 1999 as a senior at Payson High School, and he continued to play football at Mesa Community College.

He has lived in Mesa, Arizona, and worked as a financial consultant at the University of Phoenix.

"It was a nice guy, very energetic and full of life," said Alex Arreola, a waitress at the grill. "He always spoke of his daughter and he always seemed to know what to say to the people."

Bass River, said it was a "creative genius" behind the promotion and was always with new ideas for posts in the restaurant. They were also planning to turn on the spot titled "Heart Attack Grill:. Musical"

"Although it is thin, we would have given him the job," said Basso. "We just put a fat suit on him. It has personality. "

Basso said he had to stop showing certain ads with the river on video screens in the restaurant because they have some of the employees also emotional.

"We're like a family here, and he was a member of the family," said Arreola. "It 's not. We will miss him."