Bristol Motor Speedway a National Series Race

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Bristol Motor Speedway, with a national series race today and two Sprint Cup Series practice schedule.

Here are some quick notes and quotes from world garage Bristol

Denny Hamlin says he is well positioned

Hamlin, who had a poor start last season before recovering to challenge Jimmie Johnson for the championship, said he is right where you want to be this year and within 10 points after three races.

"I think I championship form," Hamlin said.

This comment has few chuckles, but Hamlin said at least a bit 'serious.

"Look where I was last year," he said. "I'm definitely on track, I want, what we (in general) is not the beginning of the year."

The rest of the Joe Gibbs Racing cars have not had the same kind of success. Joey Logano is the twenty-eight points, and Kyle Busch is going well, but blew an engine last week and is the fourteenth in points.

Overall, Toyota does not see himself as fast as the competition - but Hamlin said it is "not really worried."

"I think it's only part of the composition of the racing team" slow start, "he said.

Greg Biffl worried poor start to season

Greg Biffle is concerned about his disastrous first three races where he ran well but had no luck and even worse results which has left 32: e points?

"Yes, I'm (slightly) away from spots having to qualify with the go-go-or-circuits, it would certainly be a problem for me," he said.

This was not the first expected Biffle. Roush Fenway Racing has been the fastest cars throughout the year, and even if Biffle was himself one of the fastest cars in the last race in Las Vegas, he finished three laps down.

"It's hard to do when you have a car very, very quickly," he said. "I do not know exactly all the questions about what happened."

One issue was a problem in the fuel system that got Roush change man Biffl gas. Biffl are happy with the change?

"I do not know," he said. "I'll let you know on Sunday."

Juan Pablo Montoya, the importance of finishing races

When Juan Pablo Montoya came to NASCAR, he tended to push his car beyond its limits - and crash. Even last year, to be a season for Montoya caliber Chase after the playoffs in 2009, Montoya said he made mistakes that made his season goes from bad to worse.

The No. 42 team had won in a few remains that were initially not his fault, but when Montoya tried to catch up in the standings, more mistakes were made.

So the time, Montoya has learned to race smarter and more cautious.

"In this sport, you get to the point where the machine will give you what you give," he said. "You can get a bit 'more than three rounds, but it will pay the 15 is always a good balance, and you have to see how far you can go.

"When you go too far, bites you - and it did last year for us."

Is the brake: Ryan Newman loves short track race

Why is Ryan Newman such a fan of short track racing?

"I like to use the middle pedal," he said, referring to the brake.

Newman said he also adds a dynamic to compete when the driver is used for braking as part of a competition (as opposed to places like Las Vegas, where he said very little brake used).

"When you're (only) with a little ', it is difficult lives," said Newman. "I like short songs. I like that you added to the program to adjust the brake."

Kurt Busch, NHRA desire to run again this year, but he?

While Kurt Busch enjoyed his NHRA drag racing experience of last week, he is not sure he will again this summer when a NASCAR race off a week and NHRA and coincide again.

Busch said the chance to compete in Denver is interesting for him (it is a valid method for the event, but lost the race to close the first round), but it could be said to focus on his Sprint Cup car, in this stage of the season.

"If we sit right on the bubble in ninth, 10, 11 at Pointz, just concentrate on our Cup car," he said. "We should further test with him. We must do everything we can to make our actual work in the show. "

If Busch was sure to point out, however, promised to ask the team owner Roger Penske permit the acceleration of competition again.

"It just seems like I am itching to walk again and go play and have fun," said Busch.