Bracket Predictions The 2011 NCAA Tournament

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

If you're a fan of college basketball for the next few weeks will be busy for you. March madness is upon us with the 2011 NCAA Tournament kicks off tomorrow. best team in the console this year Ohio State, Pittsburgh, Duke and Kansas, but is ranked number one does not mean you win the tournament. Make sure your March Madness bracket predictions 2011 before the games kick off on March 17.

Thursday 17 at 12:15 pm Eastern Time, we will see the first game of the NCAA tournament in 2011 between March 5 West Virginia Highlanders against the Clemson Tigers twelfth. The Mountaineers were ranked 7th in the Big East, while the Tigers are ranked fifth in the ACC. This game will be broadcast nationally in HD on CBS, so be sure to listen to the tip of the nozzle. Who will you choose for your support predictions madness in March 2011 in the first game of the tournament?

Games will continue on Thursday, for a total of 16 games scheduled. When the day is done We welcome the 16 teams that are not victorious. Last Friday, we will see another 16 games and 16 teams go home, leaving us in the top 32 Hopefully, the 2011 March Madness bracket predictions leave you with many teams still retains after Thursday and Friday games.