The Bachelor Finale End Is Upon Us

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

The Bachelor Finale End Is Upon Us

"The Bachelor" end is upon us. Who to choose Brad Womack, Emily Maynard O'Brien or Chantal?

After the family to meet and greet two final dates and conversation very embarrassing to be a father, Brad Maynard Emily finally proposed and she said yes. Chantal has a broken heart.

But seeing how we got there.

Family law cases

Part of the sample is not a video edit summary or come to see Brad looking thoughtfully out on your balcony in the beautiful scenery of Cape Town. His family came and it was his mother, Pamela, twin brother of Chad (Chad hellooooo), Wes's brother and sister-younger brother, Dylan, and Prima. Brad is really the emotion that is absolutely adorable. It also ensures that your family is definitely proposing.

Chantal Family Data

Chantal dynamic outgoing personality goes great with the brothers. She tells them she initially had doubts about Brad two choices or no choice, but now she is completely and she wanted to marry there. Pamela Chantal grill just fall in love so fast and Chantal talks about who she is, after his failed first marriage. The whole family seems very loving Chantal.

When he left, that seems to love so wonderful and talking heads that is extraordinary, the family loved him and that "married" if "everything works." Hmmm. What does it mean? What does not? And if not the girl you want is a strange thing to say.

Date of the family of Emily

Emily looks like a Barbie doll small island. The brothers how much quieter compared to Emily and Chantal are concerned that she has a son and brother Wes's father asked Ricky if he would be well with them to move to Austin, Texas. So Emily has to tell the whole story and everybody is crying.

Wes and Chad to take the time to tell Brad that the parent is difficult and time for family. He can not be unwilling to assume. Brad assured them that he has the warmest feelings to him and he is very taken with Ricky.

Pamela is stunned (in a good way) by Emily calling Brad "his angel" and hope the best for Emily because her life was so hard. When she left, Brad hopes his family can give him good advice. Does he not know yet who he will choose?

Chantal against Emiliano

The family as a "fun loving" and "down to a family rooted in" the other, which is sort of true, but it's not like Chantal is just crazy party girl. I think Brad could really build a family of Chantal, but the family believes that he has a free push. Sisters-in-law think Emily is already an appropriate charge to them, because they are already mothers, and Chantal is a girl, calling to go out drinking .

Pamela says he can not keep his hands off Emily and she has the whole package - Pamela has voted, like the rest of the family. It is interesting because I think Emily bit boring compared to Chantal and I see more chemistry between Brad and Chantal between him and Emily. Guess we'll see.

Chantal romantic date

Swimming with sharks. And not just nurse sharks, they are great big honking maneater Great Whites. And while fear of sharks is inherently stupid because they do not chase people and they are endangered and blah, there would still be daunting. "I do not spit."

"You go into the cage? Cage goes in the water, ranging in water. Shark in the water. Our shark .... Farewell and goodbye to the fair Spanish ladies. Farewell and goodbye to the ladies of Spain. For we have received orders to sail back to Boston. And you never see again. "

Ahem. Sorry. That night, Chantal gives you a map with all locations are marked on it with a little narrative to follow. She speaks of her head ", in fact, the whole world to him." Uh, not that you paid, girl.

It also has a nice letter from him, expressing all his emotions. They are part of the night and it looks just like Brad ... as you know, do not you take it? And I write that does not know the result, but it seems, is not it?

Emily's romantic date

After a helicopter ride and hike a lot of action, are part of the picnic and rock can not stop telling him how his family loved him, which he thinks is great. But then a door to new dad. Not sure if it was not completely successful, what it means.

That night, said that since he met Ricky, he wanted the opportunity to be a father to her. It is not a replacement for Ricky's father, but more than a hangnail. She asks what it means to him, what his role would be.

He says it means unconditional love, a provider, a protector, a friend when it is appropriate and discipline when needed - a good response, Brad. But it is very uncomfortable to have been set up like that. Emily keeps repeating: "It's not always fun." Uh, we get it, Mom! We reach children is difficult. Sometimes I worry about Emily is not the brightest bulb on the tree.

Brad is upset by repeated it on the grill, which probably has a lot to do with the fact that it is to act as he would not be there for Ricky in the emergency room if s fell and injured. Uh, I do not know in real life Brad and I feel I can say with certainty that matter if Ricky was injured. I mean - good lord.

Brad kindly turn around because it is raising fears that she is not willing to let him in your life - that's fair enough, is a bit crazy right now. Then he says he is ready and expected to be ready.

Emily is worried his head screwed and Brad is defeated by the rejection of his statement has been reached. Yeah, it was epic bad.

Also - Chantal who?

You know what, guys? You know what Brad needs. He has to talk with Chris Harrison.

Contemplative Time

There are memories of misty water color of the season so far and distant in many different ways. Bleep Bleep Bleep.

The type of tire is, and - OK, it seems, these diamonds are beautiful, but a band of diamond in the crust? Too. Brad picks up great, but there is nothing small. All tires are big and shiny.

VoiceOver Brad, and he expects that women will ride in their limousines, it sounds like Emily is. And what Chris Harrison of time?! Gorgeous.


Chantal is the first. Bummer. He walks and he seems to know that it is "not that" the speech. He says: "strongest feelings of someone else", as he does not know that this is Emily? You bastard.

She begins to cry, and he said many nice things, but it is not really that much. Just once, I'd love the girl refused to lose his mind and just scream at the bachelor, "I slept with you!" Hee.

It says so much that he wants someone who is crazy about him as when he has, and he regrets that it is not Brad. Very well done all around. Many adults. Even if one of these years - I call screaming and fit-throwing.

In the limo, she cries and looks pretty and she says she feels stupid because she thought it was her. She has a beautiful cry-face, I'm jealous. Mine is terrible.

Emily gets up and starts smiling like an idiot Brad. It gives a nice speech about how she is the one and he loves it and she said at the time he moved, he said yes, they kiss and the music swells.

Awww. So who is happy? And who are disappointed? Do not forget "After the Final Rose" - are they still together?