Sara Ramirez Grey's Anatomy

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Sara Ramirez, who plays Dr. Callie Torres on ABC's "Grey's Anatomy", will sing with the staff of the highly anticipated musical episode of Seattle Grace Hospital on Thursday.

Ramirez, who won a Tony Award in 2005 as the Lady of the Lake in "Monty Python's Spamalot" will be the band's songs that his character takes after a catastrophic car accident with his girlfriend Dr. Robbins Arizona played by Jessica Capshaw . Just before the accident, Robbins asks Torres to marry him.

Capshaw sings the signature of "Grey's Anatomy" song "How to Save Your Life" by The Fray is the episode.

Now what McDreamy and McSteamy that?
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The Birthday of Cesar Chavez

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Of all the big, shocking news is dominated by the world today, the observation of the birthday of Cesar Chavez Day March 31 is a reminder of the power of a simple basic organization and the fix in place now.

We live in times when the government can be overthrown in a few weeks, Twitter organized revolt. It's a little 'hard to imagine a decades-long commitment with which Chavez and his supporters have worked to change the abuse, physical danger, and shamefully low wages are subject to agricultural workers in this country.

About the situation is still far from ideal in the agriculture of the United States, there have been huge improvements. And the battle continues to be fought with the tactics developed by Chavez, and what is now known as the United Farm Workers Union. For example, the boycott of base-organized, responsible for the recent victory of tomato workers in Florida to obtain a guarantee of higher prices for companies large restaurant, a wage increase a few cents per bushel crucial.

Grape and lettuce boycotts of 1960, 70 and 80, led by Chavez has been a fundamental part of many Catholics in "Introduction to the concept of a daily practice of social justice through the grocery shopping. Today, the kind of knowledge takes place in churches throughout the country that the ban on plastic bottles, or who use and sell products such as Catholic Relief Services' Fair Trade coffee and chocolate.

Marked anniversary this year, a proclamation of Cesar Chavez Day of the White House took note of his "selfless and courageous leadership." A photographic exhibition in the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles, focuses on "Cesar Chavez as a champion of human dignity and justice."

Cesar Chavez, who had his share of fights convincingly, some church leaders that his demand for justice was rooted in the values ​​of the Gospel has always been a silent audience of his Catholic faith. When he traveled around the country, was a regular church hall and vacant monasteries, the Mass, the parishioners had to be. Shrines of Our Lady of Guadalupe was a regular view of agriculture workers. Chavez broke his hunger strike of the Eucharist.
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The Washington Nationals

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Even if they came out their first playoff appearance in five years, Atlanta Braves have yet to start a new chapter in the franchise plans.
The Washington Nationals will only be happy if you can take a step forward to take the baby to a winning season in the National Capital.

Led by new manager Fredi Gonzalez, Atlanta begins its 2011 season against Washington in the opener of a series of three at Nationals Park.

Braves begin a season without Bobby Cox as manager for the first time since 1989, a year before Cox began his second term with the club. In total, he has managed the franchise in Atlanta for 25 seasons, winning over 2,000 games, five National League pennants and World Series in 1995 before retiring at the end of 2010 season.

Atlanta tried to send Cox in the lead, winning the NL Wild Card to return to the playoffs for the first time since 1995 but was defeated in four games by the San Francisco Giants in the series of National League Division.

Gonzalez was hired Oct. 13 to replace Cox, after being fired by the Marlins in June he spent four seasons on the staff of Cox 2003-06 and was 276-279 during his three and half years with Florida.

Dan Uggla will start at second for the Braves after being acquired from Florida during the offseason and he will add some power to the Atlanta lineup. Uggla has set career records last season with a .287 average, 33 homers and 105 runs in flight, and is the player base only second in MLB history to notch four consecutive seasons of at least 30 circuits.

The acquisition price Uggla Braves All-Star relief utilityman Omar Infante and Mike Dunn and All-Star also moved Martin Prado on the left, while rookie Freddie Freeman is scheduled to start at first.

Not everything is new to Atlanta as Chipper Jones is back in its eighteenth season with the club. Set to turn 39 in April, Jones is trying to recover from surgery on his left knee that ended his season last year, beat 2008 champion and former NL MVP hit .387 in 21 games this spring.

Taking the ball for the Braves in the opening day of the third consecutive season of 37 years Derek Lowe, who finished second in the club last year with 16 victories, but there was a club of 12 actual losses in 33 starts with a 4.00 ERA. The right-hander, however, has won his last five starts of 2010 with a 1.17 ERA before giving up only three points in a pair of defeats in the playoffs.

Nationals Lowe met five times last year, going 2-3 with an ERA of 3.52.

Washington against Livan Hernandez's own veteran, who has 10-12 in 2010 despite a solid 3.66 ERA over 33 starts top clubs. The 36 - year-old also exceeded 200 rounds struck for the 10th time in his 15 seasons.

The right-handed Hernandez, who is preparing to make its debut on the fourth day of the opening for the franchise, went 2-1 with an ERA of 2.35 in five starts against the Braves last season, which makes two points or less four of those outings.

Hernandez tries to get off the Washington office of his right foot after the club posted its fifth straight losing season last year. Even if you avoid a third consecutive 100-loss campaign, people are not ready to above .500 since the club based in Montreal went 83-79 in 2003.

Help is on the way Stephen Strasburg, the first overall pick in 2009, had seen remarkable debut last season that ended prematurely because of an elbow injury that required Tommy John surgery. He should be able to contribute back to full time in 2012, which is also where the top draft pick in 2010 Bryce Harper could be ready for the big leagues.

The two are third baseman Ryan Zimmerman and right fielder Jayson Werth will provide a solid core of Washington. Werth made his debut with the Nats this afternoon after signing a $ 126000000 seven years to address this offseason. He has spent the last four years the Phillies, hitting .296 last season with a career-high 106 passes made during an average of 29 houses and 84 RBI the last three years.

Washington, however, lost first baseman Adam Dunn in free will and replaced by former Adam LaRoche Diamondback after two countries not Derrek Lee and Carlos Pena. LaRoche, who began his career with the Braves, was a career-best-100 RBI a season ago with 25 homers and a .261 average.

The second baseman also include a new look at Danny Espinosa, who is expected to improve the defense that committed 127 errors last season. Center fielder Rick Ankiel, another newcomer, also should help.

Nationals catcher Ivan Rodriguez enters his second season with the club and 14-time All-Star play Thurs 2500 th of his career today.

Washington won the season series in Atlanta last year, surpassing the NL East rival 10:18 times. This led to a victory in six of nine at Nationals Park.
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Paul Allen Six Takeaways

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Paul Allen six takeaways: Friends since childhood, the Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Paul Allen has long been regarded as an "icon" of partnership with American industry. Allen left the company in early 1980, but the founders thought the relationship was typically very friendly ... up. His next memoir idea man: Memoir is a co-founder of Microsoft, Allen provides what is called "revisionist history", "bitterness" and the "unvarnished truth" of the early Microsoft days. Allen's account of an extract from Wednesday, Vanity Fair, has shocked the world of technology. This six takeaways:

1. Gates has always been ambitious

Allen Gates recalls meeting at the end of 1960. It was a "grader lanky, freckled eighth in the old Teletype machine. It was clearly a "very intelligent", "very competitive" and "very, very persistent." Young Gates Read the Fortune magazine religiously and Allen, once asked: "What do you think seems to run a Fortune 500 company?" Already a budding entrepreneur at 13, Gates said, maybe they have their business together one day.

2. Allen has been cheated of their fair share

When it came time to come up with the Partnership, Allen considered 50-50. Gates during 1960-1940, saying it had taken several hours. Allen agreed, but later, Gates said he thought 64-36 was a fair one. Perhaps the difference is the son of a lawyer, like Bill, and son of a librarian, as Allen. "I was taught that it was very much," Allen writes, "and your word is your bond." Wah, wah, "said Frederick E. Allen Forbes. Today, both Allen and Gates are" one of the richest men who ever lived. "

3. Gates was a tough boss

"Some say that the leadership of Bill has been a key ingredient in the success of Microsoft," Allen wrote. "But it made no sense to me." Gates was able to resolve conflicts rationally and can be a very demanding boss. Once, Gates seemed very confused at the request of a programmer to take a day off after working 81 hours over four days. He insulted people put down as "this is the dumbest fucking thing I've ever heard" and "I could code in a weekend." It may have been simply that Gates has been more focused and dedicated to the company that Allen says Nick Wingfield and Robert A. Guth in the Wall Street Journal. "As Microsoft grew, it attracted more people like Mr. Gates, who was single-mindedly focused on building Microsoft" and "ready to work day and night, sleeping in the office, and fight among themselves strategy and technical decisions. "

4. Gates conspired against Allen when Allen had cancer

In September 1982, Allen was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma. He went through several weeks of radiotherapy and was left feeling very ill. Back in the office that December, he general Gates and Steve Ballmer, a Harvard friend of Gates, who was raised as a leader (and now CEO of Microsoft), complaints from Allen missing contributions, and plan cheat him of his fair share of the company. Current and former bigwigs Microsoft Issues Allen interpretation of the main events, "said Wingfield and Guth. M. Allen, for example, participate in meetings, people familiar with the meetings said that he had ever attended. "

5. Allen left because Gates

In 1983, Allen decided to leave Microsoft because, he says, after his illness, he realized "life is too short to spend, unfortunately." He painted his decision in large part due to dissatisfaction with Gates contradicts previous ideas, which was more related to health. Gates said it was unfair for him to keep his hand in the business and made a "lowball offers" to buy their shares. Allen denied, it maintained its population, and thus became one of the richest men in the world. "No need to feel sorry for Allen or barriers," said Frederick E. Allen Forbes.

6. Allen comes off as bitter

No wonder Gates has tried to put Allen, said Frederick E. Allen. "Any person who built great empires is clever, cunning, greedy, and sometimes stubbornly inflexible." The new surprise is that Allen has seen the public. It has long seemed that the two were at least cordial, and there is a real sequence of "bitterness" throughout the book, says Wingfield and Guth. Yes, but it is the story of "a number of successful technology start-ups," says Jennifer Valentino DeVries in the Wall Street Journal. "A tightly knit group of founders to develop an idea, but ultimately, a person who appears to be the head and drives the company forward. Even in the best case, may be bitter."
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Google Doodle

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google doodle: Robert Bunsen was born this day in 1811, 200 years ago, and the last line of Google famous German scientist.

As any good chemistry student knows - and hopefully even the bad chemistry students - Bunsen invented the burner we still use in school laboratories up and down the country today.

At least we assume that, unless health and safety has been banned in these days, and students to take pieces of paper with orange flames shot them instead to simulate the heating. Nothing surprises us.

Google drawing animation is quite clever, with a series of compartments connected by bubble tubes and a Bunsen burner in the heating functions. A pot of "Mocha" coffee seems to have escaped their way into the experience, too.

What could be the way to Google to say it is a Frappucino invented cesium (which you certainly wakes up in the morning).

Bunsen actually discovered cesium, an alkali metal that reacts explosively with water. He also found rubidium, and developed a number of other laboratory instruments, and a spectroscope prototype.

Bunsen died in 1899.
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Judge Judy Taken To A Hospital

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Judge Judy Taken To A Hospital: Judy Sheindlin, the most famous fan of daytime television judge Judy was taken to a hospital in Los Angeles this morning in serious condition. Sheindlin complained intestinal discomfort at the time was taken into

Sheindlin worked for Sunset Bronson Studios, where his show has been described when he began to feel good. According to a report in Radar Online Sheindlin spokesman Gary Rosen said celebrity judge of 68 years was not feeling well and decided to be examined by a doctor.

The news last night, Rosen said that all tests are negative and will fly home tomorrow Sheindlin. "I'm exhausted and my body told me it was a day of rest," he told TMZ at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. "I'm going home tomorrow."
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Carla Gugino

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Ryan Phillippe and "Sucker Punch", the actress Carla Gugino has joined the cast of "under the Fall."

They join James Spader, Treat Williams, Kim Coates and Eric Bana, who is ready to play one of the two carries the film, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

"By Virtue Fall" is set to be the first film by Sheldon Turner, who later co-wrote the screenplay for "Up in the Air".

THR reports that Colin Farrell was in talks to play the lead of others, but moved to the new version of "Total Recall".

Jeremy Renner has said another possibility for the game.

The film a couple of ATF agents, who are enemies of individual frames recurrence, according to a report.
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Sovereign Bank

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Sovereign Bank: A Ukrainian man who federal authorities said they robbed a string of banks, which earned him a place among the most wanted by the FBI and the nickname of "Bandit Holiday", was arrested yesterday morning in Queens.

Investigators said they believed the suspect, Marat G. Mikhaylich robbed nine banks since early December, when he passed a note demanding money to a cashier in a bank in Queens Supreme. The series has ended, officials said, as he emerged from a Cathay Bank in Edison, NJ, on Monday, armed with a gun.

Mr. Mikhaylich managed to elude authorities in more than two months, even after the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the primary audience was identified as a suspect in January, the diffusion of CCTV images clearly showed his face. Meanwhile, Mr. Mikhaylich not keep a low profile: instead, he flew six banks, authorities said.

Monday ', officials said Mr. Mikhaylich service names are called to take him around the corner from Cathay Bank. When the driver saw that the Lord Mikhaylich had a gun, the driver got out and fled, leaving a gold 2007 Toyota Camry rear. Mr. Mikhaylich then jumped on the driver's seat and went away, "said Diego G. Rodriguez, special agent in charge of the criminal division of the New York office of the FBI

It would appear Mr. undo Mikhaylich, because sometimes a car is easier to detect than one person. A New York Police Department surveillance camera network that scans license plates of passing cars, provided a central part of the assistance that helped lead to his arrest, police said. The FBI also monitored their phone, two law enforcement officials said.

Little is known about Mr. Mikhaylich which at 6-foot-5, stands in the crowd. Investigators say they believe he lived in California for a while, and moved to New York a year ago. When I speak with English speakers, it goes to Mark.

Investigators believe he is a heroin user, and believe he robbed the banks to raise enough money to keep his addiction goes, a person knowledgeable about the investigation said. Addiction is not an unusual feature for people caught stealing from banks, said agents who pursue them.

Mr. Mikhaylich first seven bank robberies were in New York City, but it was his eighth in New Jersey, in late February, researchers say. The FBI named him Bandit because of the robbery rate increased for the Christmas holidays.

Wallet theft suspect Toyota expanded and played a role in his capture.

One of the police cameras that are prevalent throughout the city, had spotted the license plate of the Toyota as it traveled in Queens on Monday night or Tuesday morning, police said. A detective at police headquarters in Manhattan, Brian Bourke, discovered on Tuesday morning. Federal agents and police officers were dispatched to the scene and found the car, officials said.

"We have seen into his vehicle, so we made a stop at a red light to avoid a car chase," said Rodriguez. At the time of his arrest, Mr. Mikhaylich a 9 mm pistol stuck in his belt, "said Rodriguez, adding he" was very cooperative when we stopped. "

Rodriguez said that Mr. Mikhaylich scheduled to robbery with great care and only this week went better than most to avoid detection.

"Our investigators are going to look under every rock you can until you find one, and this is a perfect example of that," said Rodriguez.

indictment of Mr. Mikhaylich Federal District Court in Brooklyn was postponed on Tuesday because he needed medical attention, a police officer.
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Dancing With The Stars Results

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Dancing With The Stars Results: Dancing with the Stars, the results of the first week of performances by Mike Catherwood sent packing last night's elimination show. Mike was paired with dancer Lacey Schwimmer, Jive, and apparently they just were not exciting enough for voters to keep him around.

Do you think the right person went home on DWTS? Mike Catherwood wound up being the last three, next to Sugar Ray Leonard and Wendy Williams. Consensus on most of the spectators is that Wendy Williams was the person most likely to be removed, but he did it at least a week.

To be honest, when Dancing With The Stars results were announced that Mike is the man the smallest number of votes ... I do not even remember his performance, so I guess that tells you everything you need to know. Chances are that voters will remember him either!
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The Game TV Show

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The Game TV Show : "The game is now over for another season at least. For a show that never knew if she came back after being off the air on the CW, and had to restart a backup after being cut for two years, the season "The Game" debut on BET were also a lot a work in progress again as one could ask for. If there is not the same as it was when it aired on the CW, but not the same thing and not good are two different things. This season, "The Game" has sometimes been a hot mess and sometimes well done, the final season of the series was two things.

First of all, the messy part: the episode dealing with Tasha returns to his role as a representative of Maliki. Once you have determined the viral video in which Malik Sabres announced that will bring another championship meets Beau, a man with whom he was about to beat the last episode. Tasha thinks it's fate, but it is an unfortunate coincidence. Beau faked his illness and is in fact the whole family, Tasha reveals that when her children run to him and his wife called him to his real name of course, Ronnie.

Congratulations to part: Derwin and Melanie do pregnancy woes temporary back seat to a new problem. When Tasha with Malik and Derwin will no longer feel comfortable Tasha represented, but in his place, said Melanie to provide news about Tasha. This is a weak move Derwin, but we're used to someone. For some reason has always been a horrible evil people directly in their faces.

Melanie asks Tasha to speak. When Melanie asks Tasha if you provide feedback on its plan to revive the career of Malik, Melanie said: "Absolutely." It 'an important word. Every time Melanie says: "Finally," Tasha says that "means something is happening." Melanie tries to shake off the topic, but is clearly uncomfortable, and forced to be honest about a problem he and Derwin and Malik. The results are devastating. Melanie reference to Maliki as druggy boy Tasha's' "Melanie and Tasha launch licorice.

Malik, his downward spiral is going lower. He stupidly set up a fake photo shoot with Jenna, an aspiring model for his ex-girlfriend, just so he could see it. When he says that I set it up, said that without trust, as it would be really nice to create a fake photo shoot with a woman who is trying to assemble a career model that was first to go into rehab. Of course, Jenna goes away, and later appears Maliki the door back in the wagon. Meanwhile, behind him, Derwin and Jason Quan Kirkland having to recruit Malik place as the quarterback for the Sabres, creating what is surely one of the greatest fiction of the first string quarterback battles in the history of television should try to return the next season.

Malik potential out of the picture, and Tasha with him, some of the brightest emission - Melanie and Derwin - near the end of the season with the type of turn ahead. Derwin and Melanie visit a fertility clinic to see why Melanie is struggling to become pregnant. The doctor asks Melanie is a list of questions that will help you assess your ability to get pregnant. One question: Have you ever had an abortion? Melanie response, "Absolutely not." Tasha is not the only one who knows what it means when Melanie said. "Certainly," When the doctor leaves a place to draw a little blood, Derwin question: "Abortion was mine ...?"

With this, the fourth season of "The Game" is over.

Began its fourth season of amazing 7.7 million viewers. Although the show has never quite reached those numbers again this season, which will probably never be that bad of 1.8 million viewers last season, took advantage of the CW. "Game" is a bet is certainly a success, but inconsistencies abound. As the show wants to be funny and dramatic, of course, the creative team of BET version is a dramatic talent. Such a cliffhanger, and so many unanswered questions from Tasha, Malik, and especially Melanie and Derwin, the season-five "Game", you can make the show even bigger. "Game" has just taken the drama to comedy, and have the last laugh when the ratings pour in.
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Wiz Khalifa Rolling Papers

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A year ago, Wiz Khalifa relative unknown. Sure, the Wiz were selling shows, but outside its base of loyal fans Gang Taylor, it was not a household name.

All that changed with the release of their mixtape in small groups, Kush and orange juice, and the anthem single "black and yellow." Fast forward 10 months, and the beginnings of the major labels Khalifa, rolling papers, is in a battle for # 1 the week of release from Snoop Dogg and Britney Spears.

MTV News caught up with Khalifa Tuesday afternoon (March 29) for its in-store Best Buy in Union Square, and even he was shocked to see the fans lined up around the block.

"It's totally exciting to see children lined up outside, crying, wishing the album and buy the album," Khalifa surprised. "It really was like a year ago I started working on the album.

"I did not really know where I went, but I knew I was going somewhere," he said. "To have and to see the overall vision and people to be excited about it, and the whole building is just incredible. "

A lot of enthusiasm - but also relaxed, of course - Wiz fans waited outside Best Buy has the opportunity to meet with Khalifa and get his autograph. Many of them came on Monday evening to buy the album at midnight and get a wristband to meet Wiz Tuesday.

"I love this child, no lie. I do not know this guy in person, but when I said hello, I was in the area," said Daniel fan Candelairo MTV News. "I listened to him since '07, if different most people here claiming gang Taylor - I'm not all that we heard his music and promotion .. "

Candelairo recalled catching criticism for being a Wiz fan back in the day, but benefited from the recovery. "It blows. Everyone loves this child," he said. "It's great. I'm proud of him."
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Marie Osmond

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Marie Osmond is one of many Hollywood stars who are in mourning for the adoption of the legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor weeks ago. Elizabeth's life ended at 79, but his legacy will live forever.

Marie Osmond has spoken for the first time he met Elizabeth Taylor after she and her brother Donny Osmond made his 500th at the Flamingo in Las Vegas the other night. She met Elizabeth Taylor in the White House under President Ronald Reagan.

The meeting, Marie said. "They are the eyes ... They were so beautiful, just like everyone says"

Osmond also went on to praise the humanitarian efforts and Elizabeth Taylor said: "She showed such courage in the fight against AIDS, it was one of the first celebrities to take this cause, and I respect her a lot for her. ".

Marie Osmond Elizabeth Taylor admired so much, that even used the black eyes to her doll collection.
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April Fools Day Pranks

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April Fools Day Pranks, There are always lots of fun to be April 1. I remember coming out of newspapers, television makes specific episodes, etc. just to fool people. What would you do first in April? People looking for the best April Fool's Day Pranks.

April Fools day jokes should not be huge, but they are more humorous the better. You can make a fake lottery offers and make them think that they won. That might make them want to kill you, though, so I'm not sure how that's for sure. Another great April Fools Day pranks someone suggests that you are not dating or anything and see how they are shocked.

There are various sites online, you can send to your friends that this is false. You can send false messages or prizes, or bills to freak them. Anything that would not be fully expect the best. Make sure you have a comment below and say April Fools Day pranks.
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Nurse Jackie

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When it comes to awkwardness, Merritt Wever is a Zen master. As Zoey Barkow, haste puppy nurse junior trail character Edie Falco on "Nurse Jackie," the actress 30 years can make a scene over and over, with serious attention, while wearing a pink hospital scrubs printed rabbits. During the third season of the show, which began Monday, she eat donuts without using their hands, stacked in a tower and hollow them out with his teeth. She flaps her arms, which is called "gazelle very sexy, and jumping rope in a way no bra will be obliged to resist.

Its appealing goofiness and slapstick charm, Wever to define a new kind of "it" girl - someone who certainly had the eyes to turn anyone ever use the word "it" girl. But in recent years, he tore some memorable scenes of the independent film favorites like Lena Dunham "Tiny Furniture" and Noah Baumbach, "Greenberg," a fascinating role of a geek's best friend so convincingly that Dunham is still around with him today. As Dunham and Wever fellow "Greenberg, Greta Gerwig, he belongs to a generation of actors that I've moved some slouchy, clumsy, earnest pretentiousness not legally own acting technique.

It's not great performance style has elevated his sidekick face bona fide star on the "Nurse Jackie." Looks Wever flop around unconsciously on the screen, it's easy to forget that you are not acting like taking a lot of hard work.

When Wever arrives at a cafe in Brooklyn, seeking fresh faces with long, wavy, wash-and-go hair and makeup than not, it seems much more reserved and soft-spoken Zoey - which could be why it is so fun to watch the creature became a brash, crazy on the screen.

"I like doing physical comedy, he says, between mouthfuls big, soft, spongy tortillas." I feel like I have many opportunities for young women my age to go and become pests "- his voice suddenly becomes the tone of a synthetic voice more-serious-movie - "the master of your own destiny cartoon."

Sometimes it seems that only current or wanted Wever Zoey Zoey jumped fully formed head adorned pastel pet. Originally, the character is supposed to be a very dramatic conventional medicine, and a woman of color. "When Merritt came, I almost laughed because it was like" You're listening to bad! '"Says Linda Wallen, one of the creators of the series." But then I started reading and my palms are wet. Jackie is like 20 or 30 years. Jackie I was more innocent. "

Now Wallem said she and co-creator Liz Brixius sometimes leave the end of an ambiguous scene, just to Wever can improvise. She remembers the day Wever decided to embrace his character had spontaneously Jackie (who is not a hugger) for a time long uncomfortable. Seeing the pained expression of Falco, Wallem prayed that nobody would break and destroy the roofs.

"Merritt said all the words written in the script, but then you have to add something completely unexpected, since it will double or Jackie pat on the back, and everybody Just Lose It," says Brixius. "Part of what that makes the comedy work is the element of surprise, and when we laugh on set, it is usually because, oh my God, Merritt, what has he done?

Wever admits that he never quite hated to get attention. Born to a mother sequence using a sperm donor, he used to sit on a weekly basis, meetings of left-leaning activists at their mother's apartment in New York because "it was disturbing the audience."

Recognizes his love of performing, her mother enrolled her in everything from dance lessons to the children's choir of the Metropolitan Opera. She even sent Wever a liberal Jewish summer camp, where she sang pro-union, pro-active songs in Yiddish. It was not until she attended the LaGuardia Arts High School, she began to audition for good, eventually winning parts in plays off-Broadway. (She still occasionally do theater and will soon appear in a production of New York by Tony Kushner play "The Illusionist.")

Although it would be earning small roles in "Michael Clayton" and "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" Zoey became its revolutionary role - almost by accident. His comedy more subtle - nobody can do very light, confused head tilt Wever cocker spaniel-like - the more it shows.

"I remember one season, some of the magazine to attack Stealer," says Brixius. "Merritt was terrified that someone would see her like this."

Now she is finally a kiss - with this awkward, embrace Wever too long ago so well. This season, often emerging Zoey behind their tuna sandwiches and raisin bread, take longer to display. He moved in this Wever called "true friend b, g-friend" status with EMT Guy, and she may have another contender. Even started a blog. The title is inspired by "Nursing is Yo!

Meanwhile, Wever beyond the rabbit scrubs into something a little more ambitious: the frog scrub. "For too long, I thought I did not wear pink robes, nobody recognizes me," Wever said, breaking into a wry smile. "Fortunately, it does not work that way."
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Make It Or Break It

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Get an overview and see pictures of the season's first episode of the make it or break it entitled "The New Normal" Season 2 Episode 11 that aired on Monday, March 28 (9:00-22: 00 ET / PT) on ABC Family.

make it or break it "the new normal" Season 2 Episode 11 - With the world's trials behind them, the girls should support each other more than ever as they face an enemy that is not so easy in "The New Normal," The first half of season of ABC Family's original series "Make It or Break It," Monday, March 28 (9:00 to 10:00 p.m. ET / PT).

Although the four girls Rock made the world team of the United States, there is much to celebrate spent in the gym. Although Kaylie struggles in rehab as advisers try to get them to accept having an eating disorder, the uncertain future of the team's operations on them. Now they have to put a brave face while attending an exhibition in Denver, where they face constant teasing of Kelly Parker. But without a coach, a possible criminal record, the salacious rumors about a torrid affair, how can the team but one of their own, to keep your head up?
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Victoria's Secret Coupon

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The code is a hot Victoria's Secret coupon that brings the cost down to $ 3.64 underwear. Coupon Code 7PANTIES is because you can get seven pairs of panties $ 25.50. Ends today, March 28, 2011 stores and online at 11:59 ET pm.

Sales is cotton underwear Victoria's Secret, and then the styles of Victoria's Secret Pink - for a total of 25 styles to choose from. Link will take you to a page where all seven pairs for $ 25.50.

Take advantage of this sale and you get a secret Reward Card with a value of $ 10 or more purchases online or phone purchases of 1 to 30 April 2011. Basically, the card is a teaser to get you to buy something else.

Notes: Victoria's Secret coupon excludes PINK PINK Collegiate Collection and MLB. While stocks last. You have seven pairs in the cart to get the code to work. Not valid on clearance merchandise, previous purchases or offer other panty.
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Anna Chapman

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Real-life femme fatale Anna Chapman, who is known for its sexy spy allegations in the media has exposed the BBC wanting to start my own production company in the near future.

Anna Chapman, who now lives in Moscow, was a Russian national who was recently convicted in the United States of conspiring to act as an undercover agent to gather information for a foreign government. Chapman was deported to Russia, along with nine others in July, Russia and the United prisoner exchange States.

Since his arrest became public Chapman, a woman beautiful enough, was released in the U.S. tabloids as a "femme fatale." She was a spy for the United States and returned to Russia as a sex symbol. Barely wearing a blue top and panties, Anna posed brandishing a deadly weapon and murderer sex call for Maxim magazine last year. His fiery red hair and pale green eyes landing on the list of Maxim's 100 Sexiest Women of Russia.

Now Chapman, who refused to take the claim that she is a spy's latest Vid-down with the BBC has revealed that she is trying to branch out on his own with the launch of a 3D production, told the BBC:

"We have the Winter Olympics and other interesting events coming up that I could cover. I will start a pilot project 3D soon."
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Juno Awards Neil Young

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Once upon a time not long ago, Juno Awards doled out awards to the winners the best of Canadian music best known in Canada only. Not so much anymore. In 2011, Canadian musicians are atop almost every major genre, JUNOS and 40 annual Toronto could also could be an international award shows.

grand prize of the night was a repeat of the Grammy Awards last month, with the Montreal band Arcade Fire icons to win album of the year and best composer, group and alternative album.

Toronto rapper Drake, who was also nominated for Grammy awards this year, has hosted high-octane - but was interrupted in winning the actual loss of his six nominations, including best rap recording last night unexpectedly went to Shad.

The handsome outdoor Drizzy full of cold, with the mood of Canadian content, including a gag Skype uncomfortable uncomfortable with the CTV National News anchor Lloyd Robertson, and a hilarious duo homoerotic Sarah McLaughlin I Will Remember You ", with Justin Bieber no film of Rotterdam, where he toured. Later, former star of "Degrassi" took the stage with Chilly Gonzales piano man (who had lost the best electronic album on the eve of caribou), where snow covered "Report and hummed a fake R & B ballad love Shania Twain.

Later, when giving his acceptance speech this year was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame memorable Twain professed his affection for his homeland: "I love our Bush!"

Justin Bieber pop phenomenon that was surprisingly shut out of Grammys, and last year, JUNOS, despite talk of awards, has accepted her best pop album and the Juno Fan Choice Awards ("... and the winner is .. . ... Justin Bieber's cover your ears! ") through a recorded message in which he thanked his mother to take him to Canada, his brothers pulled and tried to bring hockey fans offside shout" Go Leafs Go! "

Artist of the Year went to the legendary Neil Young who was also on hand to receive the Humanitarian Award, which follows his victory in the best adult alternative award Saturday night in the non-televised gala album. "What year is it?" He broke off when he picked up an award from an artist before turning to his fellow candidates. "Arcade Fire, which is a great performance, what a great group. Beiber and Justin, what do you mean?" I mean, this guy is incredible, and all other artists are all wonderful. Oh, Canada! "

Young and his colleagues also took note-Canadian legends as a medley, as Sarah Harmer performed Joni Mitchell "Carey," City and Colour comes a remarkable and be quiet young "Old Man", Jim Cuddy and Sarah Slean duo Gordon Lightfoot on the subject "If you could read my mind" and then everyone joined by the Sadies, Justin Rutledge, Serena Ryder, met for the band "The Shape I'm In."

E 'regarded as a party on the other hand, Robbie Robertson walked backstage to praise the young Canadian rocker. "Nice to see Arcade Fire to win - no surprise, because it does not really work special."

Deadmau5, probably the biggest DJ in the world, won his third consecutive Best Dance Recording Juno. While he was away on Saturday, the game with Ultra Music Festival in Miami in front of about 60,000 people. "A complex program always bums me," he said, missing the festivities of the previous evening. "Then I had to go play my party label until six in the morning, and then go machine here."

However, despite the state of sleep for more than 24 hours straight, Deadmau5 has done in his hometown of Toronto on Sunday in time to head bracket giant mouse on the red carpet with Buck 65 Arcade Fire presents with his first award of the night for best group.

K'naan, a winner last year, recorded a prize for the flag of his song "Wavin ',' young artists to the version that Haiti has been closed to pass last year." I think the reason this song was played by all the nominees were presented in the song, "K'naan said in stereotypical Canadian fashion" humble, was a way to make everything work for everyone. "

While not taking home the awards, Broken Social Scene, Tokyo Police Club, Chromeo sparkling sets also appeared on television.

There were still some ambiguities old school with the best group of new and best new artist in search of good, but said the little known whale and Meaghan Smith, respectively, and the show provides more slots to the poor, but in general Bands-Canada Down with Webster and Hedley.

And so ended the 2011 Junos in what was one of the most well-selected galas in recent memory. From beginning to end, good people almost always won. And, yes, the awards, especially when it comes to art, it means nothing. Only sometimes do.

Like Arcade Fire Richard Perry reflected on the last of the band backstage after winning their fourth and final win Juno "is a gesture that anything is possible and you can spend your way and do things your way and connect to many people and have it mean something to many people. "
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Sarah Lane

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double dance Natalie Portman for "Black Swan, Sarah Lane, told" Entertainment Weekly "that the public was misled about the dance Portman in the film. "In the whole-body shots, I would say that 5 percent is Natalie ... I mean, in terms of a professional dancer, she looks like a professional ballet dancer at all and can not dance on pointe shoes . And you can not move your body, it is very hard. "

Portman has said in interviews that he uses body double scenes of the film, and her boyfriend, and "Black Swan" by choreographer Benjamin Millepied told the Los Angeles Times that "a number of items we're talking about his dancing double [Sarah Lane], which are making it sound like [Lane] had a lot of work ... Honestly, 85 per cent of the film is Natalie. "
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Insanity Workout

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Today, people already know that health is an asset you have to face continuously. Since, without health, everything you have or have nothing. That's why people are always trying to find a better way to stay healthy. One thing to keep in good health, of course, doing some exercise. Today there are many programs excersice you can choose to help you describe the training you need for your body. One of them is Insanity Workout.

I have read on the Internet and really challenged Madness Training your body to its limits and sometimes wonder if you're strong enough to continue training madness. But as I learn more about the exam, like everything else under the sun, hard work pays a lot of time. And there is no exemption for training madness.

Read along below if you want to know more about Insanity Workout.

Video sports have always been around, but often targeted at women - step aerobics, kickboxing, choreography and routines to move to the music of all the guys seem to appreciate. There are other options for men these days, like the P90X if you do not know, is a 90-day intensive training (and nutrition program), you can make in your home DVD series led to the muscular and talkative , Tony Horton.

This program is not just for men, of course, and, in fact, is perfect for women because it focuses on the things we often overlook - Pullups, bombs and the use of heavy weights hard. However, my husband loved more than certainly some other videos I've tried to make him do. He answered all strikers, accompanied routine movements, simple and difficult routines, which inspired my recent review of P90X, or as my husband calls it "pumps and traction ... with some other exercises thrown in."

There are other options for home exercise ends are also available, such as the Program for 60 days dementia body workout (P90X manufacturers), I tried and (mostly) live to make a detailed examination.

Have you tried these programs or if you have any recommendations for the training of men in the home could benefit? Leave a comment or, better yet, after a detailed examination of the ways: Post your review of P90X here or send a detailed examination of madness training series here.

If you saw anything or heard any really infomercial madness of training, you know the answer to this question. The Madness of hard training is like asking if the ocean is wet. In other words: Yes! But his efforts to promote the madness is not without reward. The system is designed so that the main results so yes, it is difficult and there are days when you could feel the borders of the impossible. However, given the opportunity, the program will change your life!

What makes the exercise challenge Insanity is expecting more for you. It does not sit down and go through the motions. You can not fake through the exercise program Insanity. Madness that requires sustained efforts. And it is through the commitment that the program will challenge you more than any other exercise program.

When you get to see the results for only one week, you know you have chosen a good fitness program. This does not mean training Insanity will take you to an own goal in a week, but offers some pretty fast results. One week, you can see workouts to get a little 'easier, pants feeling just a little' more freedom and energy levels of climbing. It 'just because the program is a challenge that can produce results quickly.

People want to lose weight and get in shape without effort. And while a spirit lamp with a magical ability to make that happen would be nice, do not exist. Instead you have to make an effort to keep the desire to become the best possible. Workout Insanity can help.

Obtaining the shape of your life is just a matter of how badly you want. When you make a decision what it takes to be fit and healthy, nothing (not even a hard workout), can be prevented. So, yes, training Insanity is difficult. It will be tough. But it's worth it and once you've given time to do that magic you will not regret the efforts you put into it.

To learn more about Insanity Workout, read about it here and check some of the videos we have. Insanity On the product side, you can learn more about the madness and MAX interval training that makes it so effective.
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One of These Days We See a Supernova

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One of these days we see a supernova. It may seem more accurate to say "one of those nights, but a star exploded in our galaxy as a supernova so bright it could easily be seen in a blue sky during the day, eclipsing every star or planet in the sky at night .

We are long overdue. Supernovae are very rare, but astronomers say they should occur on average every few hundred years. The last time the galaxy of the Milky Way was in 1680.

A supernova is as bright - for a short time, the star exceeds all the stars in the galaxy. That of 1680 was not very bright as seen from Earth, but some supernova were particularly high in 1572 in Cassiopeia and the other in the year 1054 in the Taurus.

Several supernovae have been significant throughout history, but none in our own galaxy since the first days of the telescope! Much of what we know today about these cosmic catastrophes comes from observations of other galaxies.

distant galaxies are so distant that we can not separate the individual stars, although major professional observers have described poor galaxies nearest stars as the great Andromeda galaxy, which appears to the naked eye as a hazy patch.

While we wait for the next supernova in our galaxy home that dazzle our eyes, for both professional and amateur astronomers to the dark background, it is surprising to see a star in the spot light from a distant galaxy where no star had been seen before.

Some serious amateur astronomers hunt for them, methodical testing of galaxies in the eyepiece of the telescope or the photos they take, to see if something new has appeared.

The author is pleased to see two of these early 90's, after learning of them through the press. From a garden in White Mills, when using a telescope with a mirror of only 6 inches wide, could see the stars of recent creation, both easy to distinguish galaxies, M51 and M82.

All the reader with a small telescope can expand its horizons, much farther than ever would have expected - of millions of light years. Po 'patience and practice, and a good star map, learn the constellations, and then collect some of the brightest deep-sky wonders seen with binoculars, if not exclusive to the eyes. You can find the faint galaxy or other object, such as the star of a series that has drawn the graph, with attention "star hopping" around the bright star, and the shift to fainter stars in the vicinity. Imagination, you do not have a small picture of "constellations" in the eyepiece, perhaps a triangle, a line of stars or other geometric shape that allows you to move slowly across the sky position of the target.

In this way, they soon learn the relative positions of some galaxies or clusters of stars and can identify more easily next time. Once you are familiar with the appearance of a galaxy, which for the most part, in a small telescope it looks like a blurred oval or circle, you will know if the next time you look, something is wrong, and a new star appeared - perhaps a supernova.

Not all stars end up as a supernova. There are more of a genre, but a classic supernova is the result of a massive star that collapsed under its own weight. stellar material hits the nucleus of neutrons and rebounds. In a second type that explodes near a white dwarf star when enough material orbiting another star who falls into it.

Other stars that appear suddenly, but did not explode as supernovae, are one of several classes of variable stars, up and down the production, either for a period of days or years or centuries. Time for a new bulb?

Only a few stars, depending on their mass and makeup is designed to explode when they do, they leave a fuzzy shell of gas, many of which are observable in the instruments backyard. Probably the most famous being the Crab Nebula, M1, in the constellation Taurus, which is the result of a supernova in the 1054th year Some think he looks like a crab, but in a small telescope it looks more like boot Baby. With all our scientific cold, thank God for the imagination!

New Moon Sunday, April 3.
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Multiple Myeloma Geraldine Ferraro Died

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In a 2007 interview on early exposure, which was debated Geraldine Ferraro, the fight against multiple myeloma for which she died Saturday after a struggle of 12 years. In the interview, Ferraro also praised the courage and strength to Elizabeth Edwards, who also died of cancer last December.

Like many others, I was surprised when I learned that Geraldine Ferraro was killed today. She was a key figure in the political world, but more than that, she was a beloved mother, part teacher, lawyer, politician and journalist. I did not know she had been suffering from multiple myeloma for the past twelve years. In addition, like many others, I searched on Google for the disease to see exactly what it is.

Multiple myeloma is an incurable blood cancer. More specifically, it is cancer of plasma cells in bone marrow.

In multiple myeloma plasma cells grow out of control and form tumors in the bone marrow of a bone strength. The growth of these tumors makes it difficult to make bone marrow red blood cells, white cells and platelets. This causes anemia, which makes a person more susceptible to infections and have abnormal bleeding. Because cancer cells grow in the bone marrow, can cause pain and destruction of bone. If the bones of the spine affected, it can put pressure on the nerves, numbness or paralysis.

Although multiple myeloma affects mainly elderly people, a history of radiation therapy increases the risk of this cancer.

Symptoms of the disease are bleeding problems, bone or back pain, most often in the ribs or back, fever without other cause increased susceptibility to infections, symptoms of anemia (such as fatigue, shortness of breath and fatigue), unexplained fractures, and the weakness of the arms or legs.

People who have a mild disease is usually closely monitored without treatment. Some people are slowly progressive form of multiple myeloma that takes years to cause symptoms.

The five-year relative survival rate for multiple myeloma is currently about 38 percent, which is one of the lowest of all cancers. Last year, more than 20,000 adults in the United States were diagnosed with multiple myeloma and nearly 11,000 people are predicted to die from the disease.
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The Manchurian Candidate

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1962 film The Manchurian Candidate is a certified classic. The political thriller was good enough to deserve the best tribute that could be obtained. Remake. In 2004, Denzel Washington, took over the role originally had a Frank Sintra.

There was, of course, some updates in the new version, some new tweets, and many colors. But the original black and white, still remains the owner. So what is the best and what was said in comparing the two films? Most film fans who were familiar with the original political thriller tend to align with the 1962 version. However, under the direction of Jonathan Demme, with a cast that included Denzel alongside the likes of Meryl Streep and Liev Schreilber, they do a fabulous job. This is a solid piece of cinema that is so cool, bright original version of the dark and sinister.
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Final Four

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If so, you may end up with pain. .. again.

Shelvin Mack grew up in Lexington. He was a fan of the Wildcats. As a child, stayed up late at night to watch the games. He dreamed of playing in Rupp Arena. I dreamed of what the British uniform.

However, if Kentucky wins North Carolina on Sunday, the Wildcats to the Final Four passage of Houston. Mack already packing. He's there waiting for the Big Blue Nation. When a big smile on his lips.

In fact, it has been very good British players. He works with them this summer.

On Saturday, Mack wanted Butler to a 74-71 victory against Florida to claim the crown of the South Regional. It's a return to the Final Four of Butler. A year ago, fans of the United Kingdom looked at one of his own downfall in the final seconds of Duke in the national championship game.

This time, it could be even more interesting. Mack is back. So the Bulldogs - who are quickly becoming America's Team.

Mack finished the game with a bandage on his forehead, 27 points in his pocket and regional price excellent player. He injured his ankle early in the game and limped off.

But he continued.

"It was a very physical game," said Mack. "I really do not know what happened to my face. I went and I was bleeding. But at the beginning of the game I sprained my ankle during a game about getting the edge. Yes, it's a physical game. That is what the NCAA tournament question. In no other way. I think the referees did a great job letting us play every game. All the boys expected a tough fight, physical game. "

He was the kind of game, Florida was warned to expect. Florida Center Vernon Macklin resting in his hotel room Orleans Friday when he received a call from an old friend who plays at Old Dominion team that lost to Butler earlier in the big dance.

Warning? Butler does not use lightly. And prepare to get beaten.

He was not disappointed. Macklin spent the whole match to fight. And ended up losing the battle, spending most of the powers in combating the problems of his own fault. These problems ultimately limited by the weapon of the Gators' most powerful attack to 24 minutes.

Macklin had 25 points. But he was on the bench most of the overtime. Mack was willing to court his team another win incredible.

One of the plays on Saturday, which defines what Mack does Butler?

Erving Walker had hit a three points to put Florida on top 70-69 with 1:41 to play in overtime. Twenty seconds later, Mack hit the house of one of three points of his own to put Butler back in front, 72-70.

"You know, we went down - just get off the court, we got a great situation," said Mack. "Matt (Howard) to make the right choice, and we were able to share it. Fortuna before I was able to reach the rim and get fouled, and I realized (Patric Young of Florida) was a little support ', and I could just knock down a shot. "

No one knew it then, but the Bulldogs were lead they never lost. Walker made a bad shot, Mack answered two free throws after the closing seconds of UF losing, and it was over.

Florida guards do not hits, ultimately the difference. Mack has done.

So this thing Kentucky. Mack is certainly not in Britain, and when Billy Gillespie came to him late in the process, it was too late. Bitter? He does not really seem to be.

But you can bet that Big Blue game to get a shot in Houston, Mack will follow with interest. And a lot of people in Lexington always wonder what might have been.
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Butler University Jordan Academy of Dance

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Department of Indianapolis, the story of young dancers training for over 100 years and 31 May.

Butler University Jordan Academy of Dance will cease operations for financial reasons, parents and students informed Thursday.

The current account deficit is about $ 150,000, said Michelle Jarvis, interim dean of Butler's Jordan College of Fine Arts, and the university decided it could no longer afford to subsidize the academy. Its closure will not affect the Butler dance program.

Competition with schools of dance in profit in the metropolitan area is part of the blame for the battle of the school the last decade, Jarvis said.

"The dance came to a new vision with the public," he said. "There was an increase in the type of competency-based school. There are TV shows like" So You Think You Can Dance. "Such a view has changed things."

About 200 students aged 3-17 are enrolled in effect, as well as two full-time employees and six production workers. The Academy curriculum includes ballet, modern dance and jazz dance, but in recent years, hip-hop, Zumba, flamenco and exercise for adults was added effort to increase enrollment.

"These additional courses has never had a significant effect on enrollment," said Jarvis. "At a time 10 years ago, had 800 students. It has been declining, and are now lower than ever."

At least one parent thinks of marketing and lack of internal communication convicted College. Greg Phelps has been involved in Jordan Academy for 13 years and two children. His Grace the daughter of 14 years, is one of those directly affected by the closure. sad news, but urged his parents to welcome the new opportunity, heard on Wednesday, the Indianapolis School of Ballet.

"Six years ago I offered to help them create posters and advertisements," said Greg Phelps. "I kind of just did it because he believed in the cause." He said he was trying to fix the academy "market failure -. His visibility was almost nil" This more cumbersome registration procedures, discouraged some parents, "she said.

The university declined to comment, said spokesman Marc Allan.

The history of the Academy goes back to the Metropolitan School of Music, founded in 1895 the center. In 1909, the Metropolitan began offering courses in "theater and dance costume, hence the dance department has increased. The Butler affiliation began in 1924, and some years later was consolidated with other local schools to form Arthur Jordan Conservatory of Music. This institution is part of Butler in 1951. The Academy has been in its current location on 52nd Street and Boulevard Place, since 1983.

Jarvis said it would be impossible to assess students in the academy together over the years. More recent years has gone to great careers in dance: Jeanette Vondersaar, Het Nationale Ballet in Amsterdam, Brandon Dale, Stuttgart Ballet, Mary Beth Habeggar, Ballet West (Salt Lake City), Shannon Alvis, Hubbard Street Dance Chicago now with the Netherlands Dance Theater, Sadie Harris, Nashville Ballet, Angela Agresti, Cincinnati Ballet, now with the Het Nationale Ballet, Kevin Pugh, National Ballet of Canada.

SarahGrace Mariani, 16, studied at the Jordan Academy half his life. Praises "excellent training school, the phenomenal ballet technique" provides.

"We were all devastated" by news of Thursday, she said. "The hardest thing is that we are all family, etc.. You build these relationships and suddenly everything will be removed." She added that her ballet training project is uncertain.

If any pre-university training could be offered in Butler, Jarvis said: "If there is a program that will be different is my opinion that if a program is more competitive we must be prepared. This change. With this change comes the opportunity, but we must try. "

Meanwhile, the academy of the parents were given a list of area dance schools, with advice on what they and their children should look like they were trying to find the best "fit" for them.

Jarvis added that the end of the Jordan Academy of Dance is emotionally wrenching for the dancers and their families: "Taking dance classes is not just for dance classes, he said." It's the community spirit and friendships that last long there time. So it's difficult for everyone. "
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Nook Color Will Be Improved

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Spent some time looking for quality Home Shopping Network this morning to hear how they Nook color will be improved? That's what we thought ... but we have the ball and just listen to ourselves to get the details for you. In short, hsn said Barnes and Noble will begin to deploy software over the air in "mid-April, which will update Nook color for Android 2.2, Adobe brings Flash Player, angry birds, and push e-mail of some kind. It also seems to include "many applications Nook," although the chain had pitchmen for one show on television - a sketch pad child-friendly, with a range of drawing utensils and paper color. Hsn host also argue that customers who buy Nook color show is "guaranteed to the people first so far," although we're not sure we'll take them at their word, given some of the other great exaggerations we have heard on the air.
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Mega Millions Winning Numbers

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Mega Millions jackpot reached $ 312 million U.S. and only one winning jackpot ticket sold in Pennsylvania would be the largest jackpot ever won in the history of the Pennsylvania Lottery.

Let's get right to it, the winning numbers for Mega Millions drawing Friday were 22, 24, 31, 52.54, and a Mega Ball 4.

Tickets for processing multi-state drew crowds at gas stations, grocery stores and grocery stores in Delaware and New Jersey.

winner of Friday - if any - would receive about $ 198 million U.S. if they choose the lump sum in cash.

In drawing up this Tuesday, a Delaware County, ticket worth $ 250,000 Pennsylvania, sold at a Wawa in Essington, the first five numbers but not the Mega Ball, according to

Pa. Lottery sold nearly $ 3,000 bills per minute from noon Tuesday.

Programs that are older Pennsylvanians received approximately $ 5,000,000 from the sale of tickets.

Pa has not yet won Mega Millions - means no one has matched all five numbers and the Mega ball - when he launched the game more than a year ago.

But six tickets sold here in Pennsylvania in 2011 led to a second level of total premiums quarter-of-a-million dollars.

This award is the largest in North America where a jackpot of $ 380 million was split between two winners in January.
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Cherry Blossom Festival Begins

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National Cherry Blossom Festival begins this weekend in Washington, DC, and organizers ask people to participate tonight in a march around the Tidal Basin, where cherry blossoms have been since their arrival as a gift from Japan in 1912.

It is called "Stand Walk with Japan" and is scheduled for 6:30 (Thursday night) as a show of unity with the suffering of the earthquake and tsunami.

Walkers are invited to respond to the Sylvan Theater on 15th Street and Independence Avenue.

Donations are voluntary and go directly to the National Cherry Blossom Festival, the bottom of the Red Cross.

Cherry Blossom Festival runs 10 April 9, including the traditional parade in April.
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Triangle Shirtwaist Fire Died In a Fire

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Triangle Shirtwaist Fire
Today marks the 100th anniversary of the Triangle Factory fire shirt, a turning point for workers' rights in the city.

March 25, 1911, 146 employees - mostly women and young immigrants - died in a fire on the eighth floor of the Asch on Washington Place and Greene Street.

The building did not have enough outlets, and at that moment, the door for workers inside and outside were bolted shut - trapping everyone inside. Some workers who evacuated the building, fire and rescue were also killed during the fire escape collapsed.

The fire gave birth to the labor movement, the labor protection of fire safety regulations, including indicating exit doors that open outward and required fire drills.

Thousands of people, including Mayor Michael Bloomberg today is the anniversary ceremony outside the building - now owned by New York University.

Family members, students and workers read the names of victims and a fire truck ladder to be raised to the sixth floor, representing the highest fire history could reach over the tragedy.

NY1 reports ceremony live.
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Saturday For Earth Hour

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WWF is encouraging microbloggers to extinguish the lights virtually their profile photo with the lights off Twitter Twitter application on Saturday for Earth Hour.

Twitterers use the term Earth Hour tweet about how (or should not), a global event.

"Support for Earth Hour is not a record, but the actions show that we care and love of the planet delicate.," "Reminder: Tomorrow - Saturday, March 26 - Earth Hour starts is 20.30." Apparently, the Amish to celebrate Earth Hour Turn all the lights on ... "As climate change skeptics" and "I do not celebrate Earth Hour .... It 's just for those who need to remember that we need to take care of mother nature ..." people use the tweet "Earth Hour" trend.

"# Puthoesinthetitle" and "# 100factsaboutme" are the first and second among the Twitter Twitter at 7:30.

"Perfect Pair" is in third place as Twitter users tweet Twitter & Stalkers "," Rebecca Black and muzzled "and" You & Me "are perfect examples of this trend.

Lady GaGa has released a "Country Road Version" of her single "Born This Way" to celebrate its sixth week atop the Billboard.

"Oxford English Dictionary" is in fifth place after adding the OMG, LOL and I think the latest online edition, "# stop here" is in sixth place and actor "Will Ferrell" is to eighth.

Behalf of the British Formula "Jenson Button" is the tenth most talked about topics on Twitter, after he and Lewis Hamilton set the fastest lap time in the second day of testing (also known as the "Free Practice 2" or "FP2" ) and the Australian Formula One Grand Prix.
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Jersey Shore Season 4

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If you are interested in on-line preview of season 4 Jersey Shore, or want to find the latest information, program airtime, then read ahead. Your day is full of good episodes if you look at Jersey Shore Season 4

Jersey Shore Season 3 finale is aired right now on MTV, and fans wait in full expectation of Jersey Shore Season 4 The cast goes to Italy Jersey Shore Season 4 and we can not wait to see what kind of crazy antics to go down there.

It seeks to break his own record ratings three weeks in a row was enough to block the location of the Jersey Shore season shooting 4. Apparently the execs at MTV has worked to obtain a visa cast and crew for two months. Visa, you say? But how can we go? ITALY.

A couple will rise at a crossroads and the other is doing things the 'official goodbye to my roommates.

They are hip, they are sexy and they were tan! More information about them when we find the Jersey Shore Season 3 Episode 13 and follow a daily stop for a roommate while living in a share of the summer in a song and a great many spots renouned eighth month in a world in Seaside, New Jersey.

It is the first season, the housemates in their summer outlayed Jersey Shore, then went to Miami Beach, where they deteriorate, and now they were behind the Jersey Shore, where all the magic began pumping and lighting made the original cocktail was born .

On a third season, New Jersey roommates several tangible Angelina, Jenni "JWOWW" Mike "The Situation" Nicole "Snookie" DJ Pauly D, Ronnie, Sammi "Sweetheart" and Vinny have been met and the return to earth, NJ have one was good again. This large and dysfunctional family facetious goes back to work in a T-shirt shop, relax in their seaside residence strange, and resumes where it left off. For now, we gamble that we already have a preferred roommate. Who are we standing for some insolent behavior see Jersey Shore Season 3 Episode 13 only to take a glimpse of what he / she is when we do not discuss all a revelation, we can also proceed after Having heard all episode. It is quite fun to take a reality-based behavior in a vacuum manifold life New Jersey 20-somethings and their particular friends and connections.
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The Episode, The Office With New Boss

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The abolition of the NBC, The Office Thursday night was a lot of viewers about replacing Steve Carell on vintage comedy.

Carell Michael Scott, who is leaving his role as manager of the Scranton branch is engaged to his girlfriend Holly (Amy Ryan), and announced he was leaving the track in Colorado.

At the end of the period after the cards vanity, the announcer will ferrell say, "Well, no, no, to see who is the new chief." And Will Ferrell shows his hand is stretched out to Carell to give a hug.

It is not surprising that Ferrell will join the Steve Carell comedy. The news was announced in January that it was inappropriate to have a branch that occurs at home.

But Ferrell fans may not want to get too excited yet.

NBC and Universal Media Studios Ferrell argued that it joins the series full time and appeared in several episodes of an arc. This means that another manager will probably come next season.

When the episode was presented, the fans went to Twitter to express their thoughts out, and many of the good news.

"The addition of the office in my DVR. I do not lack of Will Ferrell as the new chief," wrote one commentator.

Another added: "Omg The Office made me cry! But Will Ferrell is going to be awesome as the new boss!"

There were some naysayers, however.

"If Will Ferrell is the new boss on The Office, I will no longer be a fan of the show. I can't stand Ferrell. #terrible #humor #notfunny," wrote one, while another tweeted: "So that's it? Will Ferrell is the new boss on The Office? A bit anticlimactic, no?"
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Rex Ryan More Like Teddy Roosevelt

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If you have even a passing interest in the subject, you should check out the following information. This enlightening article presents some of the latest news on the subject.

More authentic information about yourself, people are more likely to consider an expert. Find out more information to share.

If you are thinking of a tight little NFL was going to keep Rex Ryan, who leads the Jets is a perfect victory, you've got another thing coming. Since the deterrence position Rex Ryan, hit out of the park, and never say die ... or something like that. The coach said NFL league meetings, "to walk up and talk to deterrence. I like it. I agree that 100 per cent. But I think I feel more than Babe Ruth. I'm going to walk slowly, I'm going to do it , deterrence, and then I go up and then I'm going to hit over the fence. "

Ryan went on to say that there is no reason that should not even speak to his team: "Babe Ruth had to walk there alone, but if everything depends on me, and we'd bang out a victory, I believe in myself I going to throw out the most important, .., I think all the players, coaches, fan base we have established here, every organization, "When asked if these constant declarations were becoming a bit 'stale, he asked." As I can cry wolf built a perennial winner now we just need to find a way to get it done? .. I just want to win two games. "If the blockade continues, it is the right time for Ryan to be owned by his acting

Is there really any information on this subject is not essential? We all see things from different angles, so something relatively insignificant to one may be crucial to another.
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Vera Bradley Event

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Bridgeton Library Sushi run workshops for children and adults on Tuesday 5 April 6 - 19:30 The program teaches Keiko Warner, and participants will learn to make and nigirizushi Makizushi.

Makizushi contains strips of fish or vegetables rolled in rice and wrapped in crisp, thin sheets of dried seaweed. There are many combinations that even the most timid can enjoy - smoked salmon, fresh crab or shrimp.

Nigirizushi is a slice of fish (cooked or uncooked) pressed by hand on the pad of rice. Nigirizushi contains a hint of wasabi.

Registration is required for this free event.

The library is located at 150 E. Commerce St. Bridgeton. For more information, call 451-2620 or visit Funded by the Community Development Block Grant.

Hopewell TWP.

Vera Bradley event

The hope chest in the neck of the Dutch people hold a garden tea party this Saturday with special guest Joan Reedy Bradley, daughter and sister Vera Bradley co-founder Barbara Bradley Baekgaard.

Reedy displayed on shop is open 11:00 to 14:00 10:00 17:00

As Vera Bradley brand ambassador, Reedy will enlighten and entertain with personal anecdotes about the history of Vera Bradley, design and remarkable women behind it. Participate in an informal Q & A and share your stories featured in this fun and relaxed.

He autographed all the Vera Bradley purchase or take a detail that you already have.

For more information, go to
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Unclaimed Money "GMA" Decided To Try It

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Billions of dollars. This is the amount of unclaimed money in the U.S. waiting to be returned to their rightful owners. The money has forgotten the security deposits of the house, without overtime controls and insurance reimbursements have been lost, and he is sitting there waiting for you.

Banks and other businesses are forced to put more money unclaimed States for safekeeping. The 50 states plus the District of Columbia have established a free website, you can use to see if funding forgotten his name.

"GMA" decided to try it.

At the crossroads of America, Times Square, we established our "GMA" headquarters unclaimed money.

Soon we are in business and I am a hero or a zero.

Initially, we sweat - in fact freezing - as we get somewhere. Nada.

But over a woman is lucky.

Motorola have the money and the state of New York is sending a check.

It is important to review each state in which they lived.

And every name you've ever experienced.

Thirty-two minutes after our experience, we have reached a scratch.

We found modest amounts of several people in a row.

Not all government websites tell you how much money you have coming up.

Then a woman brought us together, that the suspect had asked for money from the husband's name. In fact, the money was waiting for him a sense of banker's not used. And we suspect a dollar amount was high, since New York was not ready to blindly send a check. Instead, the state wanted to pass on a couple of honor, to insist on their money.

We conducted 25 searches found no money in seven of these cases.

We found the money for these people happy to use the free site created by the States. However, there are new ways to find unclaimed money for consulting with the federal government.


The U.S. Treasury billions of dollars in savings bonds that have matured and do not earn more interest, but was not thrown in by the owners. Finance has created a website where you can search the Social Security number.


Bank deposits are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., and if you do not need to collect the money when the bank is gone, the FDIC believes that money. He did not credit unions, Credit Union National Association does the same thing.
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Rose McGowan Special Victims Unit

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Who is down for some key?

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" went to the global illicit swapping of Mars Episode 23, "bomb", and fortunately, all guests were swinging a lot more attractive than the people you see in the HBO Late Night Special.

Case in point: Rose McGowan. The "Charmed", "Planet Terror" Veterinary and actress played a swinger named Cassandra, who was being questioned by Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Stabler (Christopher Meloni) when one of his fellow swingers ends up dead.

So what do you think of her? Personally, we like any dose McGowan we can get, especially if she plays too sexual characteristics. As turn horribly underrated as a secondary nympho killer in "Jawbreaker".

Fair Warning: The clip below contains an F-bomb and excessive use of pallets.
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Congestive Heart Failure: Elizabeth Taylor

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Congestive Heart Failure: Elizabeth Taylor
The actress Elizabeth Taylor spent her summers in Wisconsin as a teenager.

Ray Rivard, news editor of The Times Lakeland, Minocqua, his uncle said Howard Young was an art dealer who had a house on Lake Minocqua. She had spent several summers visiting her.

Taylor died Wednesday at age 79 after weeks in hospital with congestive heart failure.

Rivard said that when Taylor's uncle died, he gave the money to start the Howard Young Medical Center and Taylor attended the inauguration of 1977.

Joyce Laabs, now director of the newspaper, asked Taylor to the opening. She told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that while Taylor put his drink or a cigarette butt, residents took Minocqua.
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Mike Anderson Road at The University of Arkansas

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Mike Anderson, the officials of the road at the University of Arkansas on Wednesday about the position of the open head coaching school and will probably accept the offer, ESPN College Basketball insider Andy Katz reported on Wednesday.

40/29 News of Northwest Arkansas also reported that Arkansas was scheduled to start Anderson.

Anderson, who undoubtedly expand the range of his contract with the Missouri and Arkansas in the interest of fun, had no immediate public comment on the situation. No comments at the University of Missouri. Anderson is likely to see a substantial increase in salary, where does coach next fall.

Anderson's name was mentioned as a possible candidate before coaching Arkansas John Pelphrey shot at the end of a disappointing season.

Anderson was an assistant coach under former Arkansas coach Nolan Richardson, the Razorbacks won the championship in 1994.

Anderson led the Tigers to three NCAA tournament appearances, including the loss of the Elite Eight in 2009. The Tigers qualified for the tournament this year, but lost to Cincinnati and finished a disappointing 8-8 conference record.

Anderson's contract had to obtain permission from the University of Missouri before interviewing another coaching job. It was unclear whether the school had granted every request. The Missouri Board of Commissioners made no statement on the situation after a meeting scheduled for Tuesday in Rolla.
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Netflix Watch as Hollywood

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Showtime Networks, with Netflix Watch as Hollywood.

A week after Netflix, said he was jumping into the business of original programming, another potential competitor - the premium cable channel Showtime - changed the rules of the game to address the rapidly growing film and show service TV rental.

Showtime announced Tuesday that its recently negotiated deal with Netflix, which comes into force this summer, no longer includes the online streaming rights to its being broadcast as the first series "Dexter" and "Californication."

When the new contract kicks in, that show lost episodes Netflix and Showtime offered exclusively online.

"Several Showtime original series continues and the power is also available from Netflix" The Tudors "and" Sleeper Cell ", among other things," Showtime said in a statement, referring to programs that have gone off the air.

This is a significant departure from current arrangement with Showtime Netflix, which expires this summer. Under this pact, the cable channel that is provided in several seasons of "Dexter" and "Californication" on Netflix, in an effort to introduce its signature shows a wider audience.

When the television networks and studios reached an agreement with Netflix a few years ago, the Los Gatos company was seen as a movie rental service friendly as the corner Blockbuster. But now that Netflix has more than 20 million customers and its web site in streaming is more accessible, the television industry is increasingly looking like a Netflix rival deep pocket that could come to supplant the cash cow for the TV cable.

Showtime chief competitor of Time Warner Inc. 's HBO, has been particularly cooperative, slow its new all television programs and movies. Smaller channels and Starz on Epix now offers movies and original programs such as "Spartacus."

Showtime has decided to take action against the rights of its first programs to run in an attempt to use them as bait to sign and retain subscribers. (Showtime does not control the rights to its popular series "Weeds", which is owned by Lionsgate.)

CBS Corp.-owned Showtime continues to Netflix role - as the digital market syndication for an older product. Last month, CBS has also announced 200 million U.S. dollars deal with Netflix to share a common example, the CBS-owned shows as "Frasier," "Cheers," "Twin Peaks" and "The Twilight Zone".

If people want to see recent Showtime programs online, they must pay for the channel. "The current and past seasons of our original series will be available to our subscribers through our authenticated Showtime television service everywhere at any time," the company said in a statement.

Asked about the move, a Netflix spokesman said: "We have a great relationship with CBS licensed content from all of its channels, including Showtime, and we continue to negotiate on several films and shows."
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