Obama Triggers Blackouts

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

I get crazed when I’m trying to reach my husband on his cell phone and realize that it’s actually ringing in the house because he forgot to take it with him. Or if I send him a quick email that he doesn’t return shortly after I assume he’s received it. Especially if I need to talk to him about something regarding our daughter. And by the time my daughter is of an age where she uses the telephone to communicate instead of play, I’m sure we’ll get her a real one so that we can reach her in case of an emergency.

Alex Jones from Infowars is always into something that has people getting in an uproar. Today on the site they were accusing The Obama administration of implementing the rolling blackouts in Texas and across the rest of the country. Record cold weather is killing the US but people are saying that Obama is doing this just to lay seige to the coal industry. They say that Obama triggers blackouts but do you believe that it is true?

Obama triggers blackouts is a pretty huge accusation. This really isn’t anything out of the ordinary for the Infowars site however. They are also responsible for the V for Victory campaign. Who knows if it is true that Obama triggers blackouts?

It is said there is a deeper plot when it comes to this however. They believe that Obama wants to launch a takeover of infrastructure under the global warming scam. They think that this could help usher in the post-industrial collapse of America. As of right now there is no solid proof that Obama triggers blackouts.