Nba Celebrity Game 2011 Roster

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Nba celebrity game 2011 roster : 2011-BBVA celebrity game tips off at 7 Eastern Friday on ESPN, a precursor of the terrible basketball to track all weekend. NBA mix things this season where the two CEOs - scribe and bestselling author Bill Simmons and late-night host Jimmy Kimmel - teams of pickers. Eric Freeman Ball Do not Lie, a gentleman with a watchful eye for what is important in basketball, listening to podcasts Simmons noted Thursday GMO respective rosters.

All-Star Celebrity Roster:

• ESPN Analyst Magic Johnson (NBA legend and Hall of Famer)
• Grammy-nominated artist Justin Bieber (pop artist)
• Scottie Pippen (NBA legend and Hall of Famer)
• Bill Walton (NBA legend and Hall of Famer)
• AC Green (NBA legend)
• B.J. Armstrong (NBA legend)
• Chris Mullin (ESPN Analyst and NBA legend)
• Jalen Rose (ESPN Analyst and NBA legend)
• Jimmy Kimmel ("Jimmy Kimmel Live!")
• Ty Burrell ("Modern Family")
• Rob Kardashian ("Keeping Up with the Kardashians")
• Zach Levi ("Chuck")
• Jason Alexander ("Curb Your Enthusiasm")
• Common (Just Wright)
• Bill Simmons ( columnist)