LeVar Burton of Star Trek

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

LeVar Burton of Star Trek: Next Generation fame, appeared magically right after Jeff said “Money can’t make people appear.” For a while, you just could not escape LeVar Burton. He was made famous for his legendary role in the TV movie series “Roots”, he was magnificent and mysterious with his shielded eyes in “Star Trek: Next Generation”, and if you had kids, or were one recently, then you totally know him from PSB’s “Reading Rainbow”. Yes, LeVar Burton got around.

But where has the dad of two been lately? He seemed to have all but dropped off the face of the earth (if the earth is getting significant roles booked). But he is making a return to TV in a cameo role on Thursday night’s episode of Community on NBC. He plays himself, tormenting a character on the show who has a total Star Trek obsession.

Hopefully we’ll see more of him and since both his big roles (on Star Trek: Next Generation and Reading Rainbow) are things of the past, LeVar Burton has been missed.