Chris Brown Blonde Hair

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Chris Brown hopes a new girlfriend does bring him some fame

The musician of 21 years - whose fourth album "FAME" was released in March 1922 - the first of a bleached blonde look in the morning on Sunday morning Twitter.

"Look at me now," Twitter, and a photo of her new hair as it seemed to be in deep conversation during a recent dinner outing.

The decision comes a day after new photos emerged following the altercation with singer famous before 2009 Grammy-Rihanna. At that time, showed a blurred image of a movement Rihanna black and blue, but new images released details Wednesday about the "one girl (the world)" the singer's injuries, including cuts its lining mouth.

Brown, who has accepted a community service as part of opposition and five years probation after pleading guilty to assault, allegedly sent a series of angry tweets that have since been removed after photos of Rihanna disclosed.

"It is ironic how" someone "put this right around my time of the album! Wow, I guess it's supposed to be 'strategic failures. Unbelievable," he wrote, according to MTV.

Now all that remains of Brown's Twitter account seems to solve the incident is an inspirational message that he published on Wednesday.

"Beauty is in you! Em Do not Let You Down !!!!! Beautiful People!"

Earlier this month, a court order was lifted that Brown can not get in touch with Rihanna.