Steve Harvey's Ex-Wife, Mary Harvey

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Steve Harvey's ex-wife Mary Harvey is still slamming the comedian, even as he's insisted her claims are "lies."

It’s hard to tell if Mary Harvey is a victim of a truly rancid marriage or if she’s totally off her nut. Days after the scathing YouTube diatribes about ex-husband Steve Harvey became an internet sensation, Mary Harvey spoke with radio host Tom Joyner today in an apparent attempt to broker peace between Steve and Mary Harvey for the sake of their son, 13-year-old Wynton. I don’t think Mary Harvey made a good case for herself.

During her conversation on the “Tom Joyner Morning Show,” Steve Harvey’s ex wife compared herself to a rape victim and said allowing Steve Harvey to offer advice to woman, “it’s like saying to someone who was raped and had not had closure from his attacker that he’s still doing some good.” Strong and disturbing words.

She further said that Wynton Harvey is suffering the most from this drama … so why release videos on YouTube dissing his dad? I hope someone can bring peace to this family because whatever Mary Harvey may believe about Steve, she’s not helping her son by airing their dirty laundry so publicly.