Grand Am Rolex 24

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

After a night of fog and caution flags, the Grand Am Rolex 24 is back up to speed, its long line of cars roaring around Daytona International Speedway as the rising sun burns of the last of the haze.

After a difficult qualifying session on Thursday, where both cars hard to find the speed, the team regrouped and made the best of the remaining test sessions. Both cars were noticeably faster in the last session before the race, which proves that the team had found the necessary speed for the race.

The # 33 Kinetic Motorsports BMW M3 E92 Jade Buford and Bryan Sellers suffered a big crash in the Grand-Am 200 race at Daytona International Speedway today. Although they were able to continue the race briefly, despite taking the air and burst back windshield, the damages finally got the best of BMW.

The team had an early race by qualifying good pilot Jade Buford the 11th position in the Grand Sport (GS) class. He had moved the E92 recently built six positions before when another BMW failed braking into the first corner and rear-ended him. After pitting to access damage, co-driver Bryan Sellers took the wheel and could add another twenty laps before having to retire due to residual effects of accident damage.

Jade Buford, pilot # 33 Kinetic Motorsports BMW M3 E92 “The team did a great job. The car was fantastic. It was just unfortunate about the incident that happened to us. It was the fault, not driver error. We were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. We started at 11 and were able to work only way to fifth on the speed of the car alone. About 35 minutes after race, just coming into the first turn at Daytona, one of the cars must have missed a brake pedal or something and hit the back of us and sent us back. The car went a little air and shattered the rear window. He seems to have damaged the axle and other parts. The car had to withdraw thereafter.

“I’m really happy with how everything went very early with the limited time available to us in practice to make a good set-up of the car. The team worked really hard to prepare the car for the race. They did a fantastic job. I cannot be happier and I’m looking forward to a good season. We’ll get a job done for us with this series competitive. ”

Bryan Sellers, pilot # 33 Kinetic Motorsports BMW M3 E92: “It ended up being a very difficult day but he started well enough. Jade is up to fifth place in qualifying the car 11. He did a great job forward and it seemed he was moving the way it should be. Unfortunately, one of the BimmerWorld cars looked like it decided not to stop and completely destroyed the rear of the car, the windshield, exhaust, and so on. He entered the pits and I could get in the car. The pace was very good with all these problems are there, but eventually the damage has just taken his effect. He was hit so hard in the back; he injured the amount, it hurt the transmission shafts some, the wheel studs and more. The wheel is closed up almost falling, because it does ‘There were only two blocks left. It was a difficult day for everyone in the BMW team. “