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Shocking reports from FIU reveal that Kendall Berry a young running back of 22 years of age, was found dead off stabbing while on late Thursday night. The tragic news is confirmed by Mark B. Rosenberg the FIU President that explained “The entire university community is with the sad family over the tragic death of Kendall Berry.”

Mr. Mark B. Rosenberg further expressed his grief while speaking on behalf of the International University of Florida and stated that “Our prayers along with our thoughts remain with the devastated family of the deceased running back that appears to have been stabbed to death. We all are here with all kind of support for them.”

Police deputies are looking into the matter but till the last reports arrived, no arrest was made in connection with March 25, 2010 killing since they couldn’t determine whether whom they should suspect. The young footballer was killed at the University Campus known as Modesto A. Maidigue and according to the police; no immediate threat(s) there for the university community at this time.

Kendall Berry that has been identified as Haines City’s junior was discovered at the West Miami-Dade based Modesto campus while fatally wounded in the late evening hours of Thursday. According to preliminary investigations carried out by Miami-Dade police, there’re some eyewitnesses to the entire crime scene.

Javier Baez one of the spokesmen for Miami-Dade Police Department informed subsequently that the incident occurred at 9 p.m. and if the statements of witnesses are to be believed, two men were noticed involved in some altercation outside the recreation centre near campus. Later, one among them was seen stabbing the other one. Javier further detailed that though Berry was being carried to hospital but he couldn’t survive the injuries he sustained and died on the way.

The witnesses have been reportedly questioned though no arrests were made, as mentioned above. Mr. Derrick and Mellissicia Spillman the parents of victim were shocked when they were notified by the police about the tragedy. It has been learned through his school records that he used to put on No. 19.

Only hours after FIU running back Kendall Berry was stabbed to death on the school's Miami campus, the university president said in a video message that officials "will not rest" until his attacker is found.
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Sweet 16 Justin Combs

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As the son of Sean "P. Diddy" Combs, Justin is hip-hop royalty. And when your dad is Diddy you can't have just any regular old cake and ice cream birthday party. Justin's royal themed bash is the talk of the town and expectations are high for him to have the hottest party. To ensure this, Justin wants to make sure his party is at the most popular club in New York City.

He wants to walk in with the hottest date and have the sickest performers to impress his friends. Despite having an over the top star studded party, Justin is not your typical celebrity kid, he wants to use his party for a good cause and raise money to help the relief effort in Haiti. If everything goes perfectly Justin is set to be crowned The Prince of New York, but he has some pretty big shoes to fill. Will he be able to prove to the world that he is a baller like his father?

Check out Puffy's son, Justin, and see how he puts together a sweet 16 that could only suit the prince of NYC.
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earthquake in central Japan

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TOKYO — The quake registered a 5 on the Japanese scale, which measures intensity in specific locations and goes up to 7. Kyodo said that made it the strongest to hit the island since 1909.
A strong magnitude 6.6 earthquake hit off the eastern coast of Japan on Sunday, rattling buildings across a broad swath of the country, including the crowded capital.
There were no reports of casualties, with only light damage to structures near the epicenter, according to local officials.
The quake hit at 5:08 p.m. and was felt most strongly in central Fukushima prefecture about 130 miles (210 kilometers) northeast of Tokyo, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency.
"It was fairly strong, but didn't knock over anything in the office," said Ken Yoshida, a town official in Naraha, one of the hardest-hit areas. He said an earthen wall in town was partially toppled.
The earthquake was centered about 50 miles (80 kilometers) off the eastern coast at a depth of about 25 miles (40 kilometers), the meteorological agency said.
The government said there was no danger of a tsunami, although slight changes to ocean levels were a possibility in some areas.
It was strong enough to gently sway large buildings in Tokyo and was felt across a broad stretch of Japan's main Honshu and northern Hokkaido islands.
Japan's early warning system predicted the earthquake just before it hit, with public broadcaster NHK interrupting a sumo match to warn residents to take cover.
The country is one of the world's most earthquake-prone countries. In 1995, a magnitude-7.2 quake in the western port city of Kobe killed 6,400 people.

The Meteorological Agency had initially predicted a tsunami up to 6 feet near the Okinawan coast and warned nearby residents to stay away from the coastline. The agency lifted the warning within two hours after observing only a small swelling of the tide.
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This wasn't the usual ring walk for Manny Pacquiao. With so much ground to cover inside this $1.2-billion, 100,000-person capacity palace known as Cowboys Stadium, Pacquiao came to Texas with a chance to take out his frustrations over the road not taken, the result of a bitter negotiation with fellow superstar Floyd Mayweather Jr. that squandered a $25-million guarantee. The target was Ghana's Joshua Clottey, a true welterweight with a chance to stun the boxing world. Clottey emerged from a locker room where African drums and instruments had been played. As a crowd of 50,994 roared for the Filipino, Pacquiao walked out to "Eye of the Tiger."

ROUND 1: Pacquiao, in red trunks contrasting with Clottey's satin red, ducks a left and goes right to the body. He bobs in his southpaw stance and unleashes a left that Clottey blocks. Clottey covering. He jabs, tries a right that misses. Pacquiao goes to body. Pacquiao jabs, sneaks in a right. Pacquiao more active.

Pugmire's take: Pacquiao's dedication to jabbing, to trigger an opening, is clearly on display, and he's banging the body, too.

The judges: Levi Martinez, 10-9 Pacquiao; Duane Ford, 10-9 Pacquiao; Nelson Vazquez, 10-9 Pacquiao.

ROUND 2: Pacquiao lands hard left to head, and big right to body. Insiders said that was his plan, to pound Clottey's gut. He aims for head, then dips to sides of Clottey. Clottey gets in a right to body and left to face. Clottey mockingly buckles his knees. Clottey left to face.

Pugmire's take: Lot of motion by Pacquiao, and little activity by Clottey. This is what was expected, but how could Clottey not want to try something new in the fight of his life?

The judges: Levi Martinez, 10-9 Pacquiao; Duane Ford, 10-9 Pacquiao; Nelson Vazquez, 10-9 Pacquiao.

ROUND 3: Clottey jabs. Pacquiao scores with left, unleashes wild left. Clottey trying to counter. He throws right, Pacquiao counters with lefts, goes back to body. Clottey good left to head. Clean right by Clottey. Pacquiao jabs, pounds body, gets Clottey on ropes. Clottey gets in a scoring combo. Pacquiao hammering body, Clottey squeezes in good right.

Pugmire's take: When Clottey punches, he looks good, has the reach advantage. But he's covering too often.

The judges: Levi Martinez, 10-9 Clottey; Duane Ford, 10-9 Pacquiao; Nelson Vazquez, 10-9 Clottey.

ROUND 4: Pacquiao throws right, pushes Clottey off him. Pacquiao to body. Clottey loves to cover face. Pacquiao targeting body, like, "Cover this!" Then he double-punches Pacquiao on sides, laughing. Ref separates them. Pacquiao corners Clottey on ropes, bringing roars. Clottey back in middle of ring. Pacquiao beating up Clottey to body. Clottey too inactive, Pacquiao urges him on.

Pugmire's take: Pacquiao shows his humor with the double hit. Whatever it takes to get Clottey to open up…

The judges: Levi Martinez, 10-9 Pacquiao; Duane Ford, 10-9 Pacquiao; Nelson Vazquez, 10-9 Pacquiao.

ROUND 5: Pacquiao using feet to leverage positions. He shrugs off a Clottey jab-right. Quick right by Clottey lands. Nice jab by Clottey. Pacquiao has expended a lot of prior energy, backing off a bit. Big lull in action. Clottey will have to increase this pace, unless he's just satisfied with decision. Pacquiao lefts back Clottey to ropes, and he stays on him.

Pugmire's take: Taking a break. Manny knows the rope-a-dope strategy, plus he trains relentlessly.

The judges: Levi Martinez, 10-9 Pacquiao; Duane Ford, 10-9 Pacquiao; Nelson Vazquez, 10-9 Pacquiao.

ROUND 6: Pacquiao jabs, backs off. Clottey blocks face. Clottey is working jab-right combo, not often enough. Pacquiao gives nice assault, Clottey placing both gloves to top of head, peering for opening. Pacquiao beats him back. Punch totals will be one-sided.

Pugmire's take: Manny is outpunching Clottey 3-to-1, showing why he was a 15-2 favorite in Vegas.

The judges: Levi Martinez, 10-9 Pacquiao; Duane Ford, 10-9 Pacquiao; Nelson Vazquez, 10-9 Pacquiao.

ROUND 7: Clottey tries to work Pacquiao against ropes to no avail. Pacquiao goes jab, jab, jab. Pacquiao punishes body again. Clottey has to uncover to deal with attack. Manny has lump under his right eye.

Pugmire's take: This fight could have, and should have, been far more entertaining.

The judges: Levi Martinez, 10-9 Pacquiao; Duane Ford, 10-9 Pacquiao; Nelson Vazquez, 10-9 Pacquiao.

ROUND 8: Pacquiao's punching advantage through seven rounds is 677-225. If Clottey went to, "I hope he gets fatigued," plan it's a questionable endeavor. Pacquiao jab and left. Low blow by Clottey brings timeout and boos from crowd. Manny big right to body. Another low blow by Clottey. .

Pugmire's take: There's no choice now for Clottey but to find one big punch.

The judges: Levi Martinez, 10-9 Pacquiao; Duane Ford, 10-9 Pacquiao; Nelson Vazquez, 10-9 Pacquiao.

ROUND 9: I called this pre-fight as the round Pacquiao would knock out Clottey, but colleague Bill Dwyre says, "I see no evidence this guy is going down." Pacquiao again staying true to plan, jabbing.

Pugmire's take: I was wrong.

The judges: Levi Martinez, 10-9 Pacquiao; Duane Ford, 10-9 Pacquiao; Nelson Vazquez, 10-9 Pacquiao.

ROUND 10: Pacquiao trying to penetrate lefts through Clottey's guard. Clottey slaps Pacquiao with right. Pacquiao remains busy. Nice right and left uppercut by Clottey. Pacquiao responds with rights. Pacquiao to belly. .

Pugmire's take: Pacquiao doing everything he can to score telling blow. Clottey will be able to say he made it through 12 with Pacquiao. Thought he had a grander dream.

The judges: Levi Martinez, 10-9 Pacquiao; Duane Ford, 10-9 Pacquiao; Nelson Vazquez, 10-9 Pacquiao.

ROUND 11: Pacquiao covers and gets close to Clottey, who tries to bat him away. Pacquiao such the better boxer, and that's what has won him this fight thus far. Clottey scores two left uppercuts. Nice combo, punctuated with left by Pac. Roaring, as Pacquiao pursues with a flurry. "Manny! Manny!" Left uppercut by Clottey snaps Pacquiao's head back. Manny back to work at head, has Clottey on ropes.

Pugmire's take: The cheering section admired Pacquiao's effort. He didn't let them down.

The judges: Levi Martinez, 10-9 Pacquiao; Duane Ford, 10-9 Pacquiao; Nelson Vazquez, 10-9 Pacquiao.

ROUND 12: Clottey head-butts Pacquiao at start of round. Clottey jab. Pacquiao right to body, left to head. Pacquiao uppercuts. Clottey content with this inactive effort. Nice right by Pacquiao at bell. Easy decision coming Pacquiao's way.

Pugmire's take: Pacquiao's done his work, now Floyd Mayweather Jr. has to do his against Shane Mosley to make the fight the boxing fans deserve from the sport.

The judges: Levi Martinez, 10-9 Pacquiao; Duane Ford, 10-9 Pacquiao; Nelson Vazquez, 10-9 Pacquiao.
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