Randy moss released

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

So that was short-lived. The Minnesota Vikings have parted ways with Randy Moss after four games. In a season of turmoil for the Dallas Cowboys, at least we have the Vikings to keep us company. No sooner have they traded away a third-round pick than they dump the guy they got for it. Moss was going to save their season, turns out they needed a lot more than that.

Moss appears to be a headcase, but he's coming from a team that was stocked top to bottom with headcases, and who is dealing right now with the underperformance and MMS prowess of its own star quarterback. The Rams might worry about adding someone like Moss long-term, but this is one of the few situations in which they don't have to worry about that, as the Vikings just proved. If he's sharing all his KISS albums with Sam Bradford and teaching Brandon Gibson to throw rocks at police cars you can just dump him again.

One big caveat here is that Scott Pioli was with the Patriots when they signed Randy Moss in 2007. With Bowe improving but still unreliable, and with Chris Chambers hardly seeing any balls thrown his way, I could why Chiefs' fans would be calling for Moss. Matt Cassel already spent a year throwing to him and I think it's safe to say now that Cassel could really use another wide out.

Still, the thought of Jerry Jones trying to rectify a long simmering mistake - passing on Moss all those years ago in the draft in the wake of the Michael Irvin and Co. chaos that came out in the late 90s - is intriguing. JUST KIDDING! Jerry and his organization have created a mess in 2010, no way they mess it up some more.