Lil Wayne Punches Drake

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

The Young Money clique is starting to resemble a ‘Godfather’ movie. is reporting that Lil Wayne punched his mentee Drake in the face over the weekend. What sparked the beef? Lil Wayne reportedly is pissed off because he feels as though Drake wasn’t there for him when he (Weezy) was serving time at Rikers.

Lil Wayne punches Drake”…or at least that’s what the rumors are saying! Lil Wayne has barely been out of jail for two weeks, but if the rumors about him punching Drake are true, then it sounds like he could wind up back in jail if he’s beginning another pattern of bad behavior.

According to a source, Lil Wayne was convinced to fly out to see Drake’s concert in Las Vegas even though he was reluctant to do so. Everything seemed ok during the show, but it’s no secret that Lil Wayne has bad feelings towards Drake because he feels like Drake “left him out” while he was in prison.

After the concert, Lil Wayne supposedly “disciplined” Drake. Does that mean that the rumors of “Lil Wayne punches Drake” are true?
At a time when Lil Wayne should be laying low and celebrating being at home with his kids, he’s out throwing punches at rap concerts in Vegas.
Not exactly role model behavior.