Charice to thank for expanding audience 'Glee'

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

When Charice Pempengco signed on to guest star on "Glee" for season two, show creators knew they would be opening up to a new demographic. The 18-year-old Filipina star has a huge international following. And as "Glee" continues to score record ratings from one show to the next, the hit Fox comedy has Charice to thank, at least in part.

Playing Sunshine Corazon, a foreign exchange student from the Philippines, Charice won the hearts of millions of viewers with her performances on the season premiere. Singing "Listen" and "Telephone," Charice enjoyed success on the Billboard charts immediately. As soon as the show ended, fans were frantically trying to find out when her character would return.

Charice has done a great job of keeping her fan base tuned in from one week to the next. She has been vague about Sunshine's return, encouraging her fans to watch each and every episode this season. In an interview this week, Charice played coy when talking about her return to the show. “It’s gonna be a big surprise, but Sunshine Corazon with definitely be back! However, I’m not gonna say what will happen to her or exactly when she’ll appear again.”

Charice added, “We wouldn’t know if Sunshine will have a boyfriend, or whether she’ll be best friends with Rachel or not, we don’t know.”
Fans don't want to miss one minute of Charice's role on "Glee." And for that reason, the young star's fan base has been tuning in from one week to the next, hoping to be pleasantly surprised.

The benefit of appearing on "Glee" has been mutual. With over 11 million viewers each week, the show has exposed Charice to a new set of fans. Despite rising to fame via Oprah Winfrey, a large demographic of American viewers did not know of Charice until now.

Charice's return to "Glee" is still a big question mark. Some sources have her returning for episode seven, "The Substitute." But fans will have to wait and see.