Sam champion

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

ABC anchor Sam Champion was the first journalist in the Gulf region to report from the oil-filled water itself.

But he’s been in the region for weeks, now in Florida, for Good Morning America. Today we talked to Champion about the underwater report, if there have been any improvements in the past couple weeks (there hasn’t) and the BP PR machine.

Forget Al Roker, Sam Champion is our favorite weatherman. On Good Morning America, he's so damn chipper at the crack of dawn we'd normally want to throw things at the TV, but so likeable that we never could.

Apparently Champion returns the love, because he made a one-day trip to Houston on Friday.

He broadcast from Discovery Green, where he was joined by the Westside High School Marching Band in front of the George R. Brown Convention Center before heading to The Lake House patio, where he was joined by a spread of food from The Breakfast Klub and some hardcore Breakfast Klub/GMA fans.

The Breakfast Klub was making its second Good Morning America appearance of the year, after fans voted it one of the four finalists for America's best breakfast dishes for its chicken and waffles back in April.

Champion also headed to the Galleria Harlon's Bar-B-Q for lunch.

CultureMappers, did you wake up with Sam this morning? Will you be stalking him around town?