New Facebook phone holding media event November 3rd

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Rumors have been going on for weeks now about a new Facebook phone and with the announcement of a Facebook Mobile Event on November third it’s looking even more real. Since last month technology blogs have been reporting that Facebook has been developing this phone

The event will happen at its Palo Alto, California headquarters on Wednesday.

After TechCrunch leaked some pretty believable information Facebook responded that it was not “building” a phone but working on deeper integration with some manufacturers. This strikes a strong resemblance to Google’s response just before the release of the Nexus One, technically not created by Google (HTC made the phone) but bearing the Google logo and branding.  Some rumors have gone so far as to say Facebook is working with INQ Mobile, another HTC style phone builder.

Facebook is keeping mum about what this event could entail but well be keeping an eye on any information that could be released, including anything about a phone, and will report here as soon as we get any information.