More Yoko on CNN: 'I wanted people to focus on John's life, not his death'

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Another segment of Anderson Cooper's interview with Yoko Ono was put up tonight on CNN. (You can see a video portion on this page at the left.) She said she wanted people during the 70th birthday celebration to focus on his life and not his death. She said by concentrating on his birthday she thinks she accomplished that.

She also talked about how she made her attitude more positive in the wake of Lennon's death. "One day, I looked at the mirror and I was going like this. (Scowls into camera.) And I thought, 'This is not going to do.' And especially for Sean. What a mother! So I tried to smile in the mirror every morning. But my eyes were not smiling. But I thought, 'Well, we'll try this.' I started to smile and smile and smile. And I finally thought that, 'OK, I'm alive!' And my whole body's smiling. Great! This is great! And I have to do that to survive.