Human trafficking roundup

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz


Canada: Authorities step up to fight against human trafficking. The new legislation is targeting smugglers who bring asylum seekers to Canada. One immigration authority says that illegal boats reaching Canadian shore costs at least $50,000 to process.

Oregon: A former domestic sex trafficking victim speaks up about her experience as a sex slave to raise awareness. She was seventeen when she was trafficked from Oregon to California and Canada. She met her 43 year old pimp when working at a restaurant and getting GED. Her pimp made her work 12 hours a day and make 1000 a day. Her pimp was lavishing her with gifts such as cell phone and manicure just to make her believe that she is better off with him.

New York: District Attorney announced a new indictment against a man who forced a 22 year old woman from Germany into prostitution. The victim and her two children moved in with the man when she arrived from Germany. She was beaten and threatened that she would not be able to see her children by the man. The man also placed sex ads online like and forced her into prostitution in Miami, Atlanta City, and New York City.


North Korea: Many North Korean female refugees are trafficked in China. They are either sold to poor farmers for forced marriage or brothels for prostitution. One victim testifies that she left North Korea to China to find work and support her starving family. But, later she realized that she was sold to a forced marriage when she already has her husband and a daughter in North Korea.

Taiwan: The authority is aimed to decriminalize prostitution early next year according to the report. The new legislation will allow prostitutes to establish a studio with three to five members. Also, individual Chinese tourists will be allowed to enter the country for prostitution. According to 2009 U.S. department of state report, Taiwan has inadequate protection for trafficked women and children from South Asian countries and China who enter Taiwan with fraudulent job offering or marriage.


Swaziland: The authority is stepping up to protect Albinos from witch doctors. Police will set up a national registration for Albinos to track them down and protect them from bounty hunters and witch doctors. The new registration system came about after a 11 year old Albino girl was killed by a witch doctor a few months ago. Many Africans believe that ritually killed Albinos can bring healing to HIV/AIDS or political power.