Halloween doodles feature Scooby Doo of logo google

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

The Google logo or doodle for Halloween this year features the popular Scooby Doo cartoon.  There are five doodles in all, each with a different scene.  Each logo has a Halloween theme that includes the Scooby Doo characters.

There is no apparent reason for choosing Scooby Doo as the Halloween theme.  The cartoon debuted September 13, 1969 on CBS and still enjoys a following.  But it isn't understood why Google decided to use the cartoon's images for Halloween.  It could be that the cartoon often has ghosts and other scary situations as its themes.  If you know a connection, or want to speculate, add a comment below.
Find out more about Scooby Doo on Wikipedia.  You can also search for Scooby Doo on YouTube and find several videos of the original TV series.