Adam Lambert falls off Top 40 chart, stays on AC 'American Idol'

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

This week we have the opportunity to mark an occasion we haven't quite seen in some time -- a Top 40 chart without Adam Lambert on it. After having a presence with "If I Had You" on the chart since the summer, he is now fallen back off of the main page -- for now. We know that there will ultimately be another single of the "American Idol" singer's to hit American radio, but it could very well be spring before it comes out (since it will probably be from his upcoming album).

The good news is that "If I Had You" is still staying strong on both the AC and Hot AC charts. In the case of the former, the song is fighting to stay in the top 40 at #38 -- meanwhile, the Hot AC position is considerably stronger at #17 (only two spots off from its peak position reached two short weeks ago).

Keep checking back, as we will have more reports of how "Sleepwalker" is doing in Canada as soon as the information is available. Are you requesting the song north of the border?