Kendall Berry football Player

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Shocking reports from FIU reveal that Kendall Berry a young running back of 22 years of age, was found dead off stabbing while on late Thursday night. The tragic news is confirmed by Mark B. Rosenberg the FIU President that explained “The entire university community is with the sad family over the tragic death of Kendall Berry.”

Mr. Mark B. Rosenberg further expressed his grief while speaking on behalf of the International University of Florida and stated that “Our prayers along with our thoughts remain with the devastated family of the deceased running back that appears to have been stabbed to death. We all are here with all kind of support for them.”

Police deputies are looking into the matter but till the last reports arrived, no arrest was made in connection with March 25, 2010 killing since they couldn’t determine whether whom they should suspect. The young footballer was killed at the University Campus known as Modesto A. Maidigue and according to the police; no immediate threat(s) there for the university community at this time.

Kendall Berry that has been identified as Haines City’s junior was discovered at the West Miami-Dade based Modesto campus while fatally wounded in the late evening hours of Thursday. According to preliminary investigations carried out by Miami-Dade police, there’re some eyewitnesses to the entire crime scene.

Javier Baez one of the spokesmen for Miami-Dade Police Department informed subsequently that the incident occurred at 9 p.m. and if the statements of witnesses are to be believed, two men were noticed involved in some altercation outside the recreation centre near campus. Later, one among them was seen stabbing the other one. Javier further detailed that though Berry was being carried to hospital but he couldn’t survive the injuries he sustained and died on the way.

The witnesses have been reportedly questioned though no arrests were made, as mentioned above. Mr. Derrick and Mellissicia Spillman the parents of victim were shocked when they were notified by the police about the tragedy. It has been learned through his school records that he used to put on No. 19.

Only hours after FIU running back Kendall Berry was stabbed to death on the school's Miami campus, the university president said in a video message that officials "will not rest" until his attacker is found.